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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    wow.. ok..
    still stoned... from this movie i watched last night.. and i must say, t'was a good watch.. a great one... prolly the best feature film made in this new millenia.. everybody should watch it...! they do! they must!

    but first.. this blog.. this blog be no more... suda mati larh... ive got heaps to say.. in this little mind of mine, i think far more then the average person does.. and if them words in my head be translated onto this blog, then it will be an interesting read indeed.. however words only fly in when i stare out the window, of a train or a tram, or a car or out the window of this cosy, smelly little attic of mine... and they seem to be lost once i gaze into the largest window of all.. the pc monitor..

    WilZC at 7:59 PM


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