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    Monday, May 14, 2007

    so bored...
    time introduce to u fellas... the regular.. things.. i do in life..
    here in melbourne... life of a 21 year old international student!!

    where do we start!!!

    General Monday-Friday Stuff

    FIRST!!! i'll wake up!!! but i'll spend about 30mins to an hour iddling on bed.. occasionally.. justin will discreetly open the door n check if im awake coz he .. is bored and WANTS TO DOTA.. but i'll just lie motionless and he'll leave me be........ THEN i'll wake up and dota without him.... one game... to start the day (and to wake my brains up from slumber). Justin will then come in when im halfway playing, says 'fuck u', pops an Eclipse mint from my table n walks off.

    Washing up with my eyes barely open... pffft! must i REAALLy wake up today?

    bubble bath afterwards!! :D

    Then then, i start to get hungry, it SHOULD be around 12 or 1 midday by the time i finish a game... and so.. i contemplate whats for lunch.. while prepping up for lab classes soon..... after im ready, i'll FINALLLY wash up (yes, so dont talk to me.. or rather i refuse to talk to any1 prior to my washing up coz of bad breath)n head to uni for lab sessions...

    Saroja doing the pre-lab talks

    Angelo n Me

    Heba doing the chicken

    Lab sessions would prolly be tedius... and after that.. i'll be soo exhausted i just wannna head home... BUT... the basketball court @ uni is.. well.. on the way home.. and the sound of ballz thumping on the cement floor... is... iresistable...
    so i normally succumb to calling... and.... play a few games...

    The guys at the court

    Soiled and sweating, i'll head home when it gets dark, feeling more exhausted then ever........ wishing for the ability to instantly teleport my tired arse back home.. which isnt far actually, just a 10mins stroll from uni.... and so i ...
    eventually.. reach home, get a quick shower before Aris comes home from work and then he'll shout.. DoTA!!! while still fully suited in blazers and ties and so it goes..... then after a game, we'll contemplate dinner (IF candice doesnt cook and kalista doesnt cook). If they do cook, i'll be looking for my own dinner.. and normally i'll cook myself.. from my rather limited reportoire... then i'll check if ive got important things todo academically, and if ive none then.. i'll check if theres anything else todo online.. and if theres none then.. DOTA!!!... ROFLOL!!! and there goes a day.....

    baked seafood pasta with lotsa cheese!, my fav homemade meal..

    Fridays and the Weekends

    Friday would be like any other day.. cept Aris comes back from work and shouts DOTA louder... 'ITS THE WEEKENDS NOOBS!!' me n justin would humour him...
    then i'll call the college square girls.. to see whats up....
    they normally have something todo.. and so i'll tag along...
    charade nights... dinner, barbecues, camwhoring.... or just.... piling on each others bodies watching Big Brother... and drinking alchohol... and sometimes, it'll be too late... too cold.. or im just too lazy 2 walk home i'll sleep over. On tracy's mini-single bed... its smaller then a single!! and we'll have pillow talk about the latest scoops n gossips hahaha ... im soo bitchy....

    Aimless Camwhoring

    Tina n My Dear Cousin

    card games, alchohol n fun..

    Pei Lin usually comes down on saturdays or sundays.... and we'll repeat the friday night activities with her, Daniel would head down once in a blue moon....
    we'll head out for shopping, eating n such... (and occasionally Daniel would lecture me on life, and how not to repeat the 'mistakes' he made).
    Then the cousin's will head home.. and... i'll rush back home to catch the weekend EPL games.. walking back, i'll get a phone call from Aris, and he'll ask a favour...
    to get him a bottle of coke... hahaha which i'll be obliged to fulfill..
    then we'll watch soccer together.. and agonize about chelsea's dumbfuck form...
    and then head back to my room to sleep... or chat online....
    or day(night)dream about... hot chicks...

    Chocolate Eating Competition...

    The Belgian Spoil

    Daniel n his girl..

    Pei Lin

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