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    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Dear diary (lil girl voice narration lol!!)
    Went to Singapore some few weeks back and t'was a blast... sort of... since tashna's stay in malaysia was rather brief... we (being myself, pei lin, and ken han) took a bus down to singapore instead! to meet tash and meng tat! A trip to singapore was long overdue i guess, coz i havent been there in some time.. soem very long time. Busride was fine... First Coach aint bad at all!! in fact! i rather spend 8 hours on in then 8hours on MAS airplanes!!

    As per planned, Ken Han and me would bunk at meng tat's aunt's house (joined by meng tat of course). And her aunt was gracious and kind enough to acomodate us both! At first, the plan seemed jusssssssst a lil dodgy, we had 2 alternatives, Meng Tat's brother's or his aunt's place.. MT's brother's house was obviously preferred by us both but meng tat insisted his aunt's place would be far more accessible to palces not to mention a taad more comfy. we followed along. Little did we know, the aunt;s place The Carribean @ Habour Front would be one of the more... luxurious places in town!!! fuckkk man... the unit is just about 6 fucking million sing dollars!! IT HAS EVERYTHING!!! A few beautiful swimming pools of various sizes, a waterway/canal connected to the sea, a good dozen sheltered BBQ areas by the canal, full-on gym. and even 7-11!! and ... the unit itself is splendid. The whole floor beyond the elevator door would be the apartment, well furnished and spacious. If that's my bachelors pad, WOOHOO!! :P Pei Lin, sadly, stayed wif tashie!1 muahahha :P

    That aside, first day.. well .. wow.. first day or first night! FIRST ACTIVITY actually!! clubbin!! wtf... at Zouk/Phuture, joined by my long lost friend Han, and his buddies. T'was retro night and....... WADAFARK!!! the two level'd podium was .. just... full of.. GUYS!! like.. farking nerdy looking 26year olds.. dancing to the retro song beats... with nearly identical, almost rehearsed moves... (some of the more.... errr.. non-masculine moves). And the others seem to be enjoying themselves, even the not-soo-looser looking girls n guys.. i just felt really uncomfortable to say the least.. roflol.... so.. well.. took a few piccas.. then left.. for supper.. MAMAK!! WADAFARKDOTCOM!!! mamak in singapore is porbably the worst place on earth to find food!! I ordered Maggie Goreng and KH got nasi goreng. BOTH dishes were.. precariously red in colour. im like why on earth... how on earth.. wha.. whats with the red colour? well anywayz, nasi goreng tasted like nasi putih terbakar... and my maggie was slightly better .. because maggie noodles have some sorta flabour by itself... horrible stuff, quite frankly... i'd be able to cook better nasi goreng with my eyes closed...

    Pei lin... drunk and horny

    Pei lin and han

    Groupshot without cameraman :(

    Pei n Tash

    Meng Tat and purple

    Trio drinking

    Wargh!! alchoholic

    Me xoxoxo

    tepii skit!, perempuan ini sudah mabuk

    All fun and smiles, till i tasted the noodles..

    Next daayy, what did we do next day ar?? I demanded a visit to Tashna's uni, SMU, for a look-see!! and so we did!! WOW!! SMU girls are.. like.. of a different breed!! like fark!! most of them are above average good looking!!!!!! RAWR!! *controls the little bugger pushing its way out*... Then to Canele, to try some desserts reccomended by Susu. Was ookaay only laaaaaarh... Then some shopping!.. then some rest (and basketballing wif ken han)

    Tashna's bitchy SMU face (the one she uses whenever she's mistreated by the hot chicks at SMU)

    I am God, fuck u too



    Zoo's up next! spent almost the entire day at the zoo. Its rather pricey!! but we went both the regular day zoo and the night safari, which.. isnt thaaaat great anyway. But! here are the piccas (spent alot of time camwhoring).



    This picture... :D is.. sooooooo bad :D

    Best rump in singapore


    Some fatass python

    Big Inuka


    Emo bois


    So.. the next day was... err.. argh.. i'll save them for another post.. aint got no more blogstamina....

    WilZC at 5:11 AM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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