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    Friday, February 08, 2008

    I personally... think that.. the Chinese New Year celebrations are probably the most destructive of festivities (towards ourselves, others, the environment etc etc)!!! in the first 3 days of the Chinese Lunar New Year... the planet will cringe and cry out in pain!!!

    - The food consumed during the 3 days would coerce any personal dietician to commit suicide.... especially if u celebrate CNY in Penang!!

    - The amount of paper wasted on ang pow packets would destroy forestsssssssss... (and COME ON!! if ya gonna cut down tree after tree.. at least fucking give 10bux inside teh packet!! measly 2 dollars isnt worth a tree!!! :P )

    - Thousands of cute little piglets will get slaughtered and served roasted as a whole on CNY tables (not that im complaining bbbutttttt). in fact i think more livestock are killed in these 3 days then an entire ordinary month!!

    - The fucking rubbish generated by the festivities.. (coke cans, beer cans, chrysanthemum drink boxes, wrappers, POLYSTYRENE CUPS/PLATES, UNFINISHED, LEFTOVER FOOD!! paper decorations, and pows, etc etc)

    - The polution caused by firecrackers n fireworks.... and the debris left over by - them...

    - Also not forgetting the potential fire hazard and injuries caused by the aforementioned toys??

    - Somehow it also gets fucking hot during these times ergo.. after eating.. 70% of us sleeep!!! 20% finds somewhere comfy to rest, sms friends then fall asleep, 9% watch TV then doze off slowly when the channels are ovverun by horribly out of tuned new year songs sung by lousy actor-singers. 1% are the hopeless fat fucks that ... go on search for more food...

    Sigh, not that I dont like CNY, i love it.. tis tradition!!! but... i somehow feel for the earth too :S perhaps theres a solution... perhaps others would feel it too.... anywayz bargh.. too much talking...
    BRB.. ima..... go... find some food :D

    WilZC at 8:29 PM


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