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    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    ok.. im nearly a month late!!
    but... neverthelesss... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    been busy lately...

    a summary? of 2007?? thaats almost too troublesome to do... but i suppose its.. one o thooose troublesome little things that we're obliged todo... well.. regardless...

    TWO WORDS to sum 2007 up!!!! GUILTY PLEASURES!!!! as i enjoyed life and partied all the way.. sidetracking from my main course for quite abit... this year musnt be the same...

    Lets start... 2007, chronologically... with the 2nd half of my summer vacation in Malaysia. Before i fly back to cold ol melbourne

    Tina's 21st @ Cotton Club -> Great party split to two, AusMat bunch and highschool buddies. FREE FLOW ALCHO!! everybody got kinda drunk (me too). Also met Tina's youngest lil sista (or, step sista) cute lil girl....

    Then off we go to Pangkor with the 9ners! Aside from a few lil.. unwanted twists, t'was a swell swell trip.

    Tashna Darlin's pre-emptive 21st bday (coz her dearest friends are heading to melb before the real date)

    Then....... off i flew to melb.. yet again... and melb 2007 started off with, most significantly.. the beginning of my stay/tenure at 123 Drummond Street.. SADLY!! no piccas taken of the place!! and lo, its all joy and fun from then on...........


    And the two roomates i left behind when i hit 123Drummond moved into College Square and became social legends!!!

    Darlin Pei Lin's 21st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tina's farewell, and her exodus to New Zealand. A new chapter for her, and somehow, a new one for me toooo.

    More clubbing

    Ru Wen's visit to melb with his buddies, and we went down the Great Ocean road. Enjoyed their company. Cool bunch o peeps from Sydney deprived of good food. They made a return trip few months later almost purely for gastronomical purposes.

    SNOWBOARDING! @ FALLS CREEK!! snowboarding is awesome, addictive and count me in again! 2008! everybody whoz not tried it SHOULD!!!

    Phillip Island, with Charlotte and her boy, and her bestie Joyce

    Daniel koko's errr... 27th birthday @ Copacabana. Lovely place. Great music, great shows.

    My 21st, first at Limor's for dinner, then clubbing and drinking (on the day i had EXAMS!) what a horrid horrid decision that turned out to be....

    and.. more.. clubbin....

    MSA's tanglung festivities

    And again.............

    Sexpo 2007. Just about the last major thing i did before heading back home. Enjoyable? well, i suppose, but that'll be the only Sexpo i'll ever attend. Arianna Star was blazin hot.

    Then back in Malaysia again! for the final quarter of a tumulteous year. And.. its........ more...




    But not forgetting Meng Tat's 21st...

    And Xmas!

    WilZC at 2:54 AM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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