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    Tuesday, January 01, 2008

    Owh finally... some peace... and quiet... and time to sit down..
    and blog...
    before it slips my mind! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    and of course.. Merry Christmas...
    Its been great back home in malaysia again. the malaysianess finally sunk in.
    Been busy i guess, with life.. friends... family... the stuff i get todo only during these times of the year.

    - Basketballing, in Puchong, with the 9ners. My my, im old! i felt like i've lost another half-a-step!! any slower and i might as well just stand still!!!

    - Basketballing, in Kemuning, with my brother and sister. They've both grown tall...

    - Chilling out, at pei lin's place, with the 9ners.

    - Gaming in cyber cafe's, till early morning, with random loosers groups =P (We call this 'looser activity')

    - Shisha at Fendi's stall. Fendi makes gooooooooooood shishaaaa. Hmm perhaps i'll properly document his bizness here on my blog.

    - Shopping.

    - Driving!!! woooooo

    - Eating out wif family or friends.

    - Clubbing, but clubs hither pale in comparison with melbourne's finest.

    WilZC at 12:16 AM


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