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    Tuesday, January 01, 2008

    Guys dont normally want tooo elaborate of a party for their birthdays, or just couldnt be fucked doing one, but stil would love a small gathering to commemorate the event, especially if its a significant one, like a 21st. soooo the 9ners held a little gathering at peilin's house (at her gazebo, the official 9ner's lounge muahaha) for him.


    Because, the first attempt to celebrate it in a club was disastrous. Not only did most of the gang failed turn up, the venue was absofuckinglutely crap. (Telawi Somthing Bar? at bangsar). Though, t'was meng tat who insisted on going out for alcho drinks.

    The second attempt to 'celebrate' it was at a cyber cafe (we now figured that meng tat enjoys two activities, gaming, and another). Gaming went wrong as well. FTZ Asia Cafe was raided by MPSJ while we're gaming, and meng tat arrived after the raid! Winston's picca was taken by the officers and we jested that his picture will be all over berita harian the next day (because he sat isolated from all of us, and was alone when the picture was snapped). We wanted to head to the next cyber cafe, but that was veto'd off by winston, who said, if MPSJ raided that other place, and his picture be taken again, it'll be double the shame! (think: Gejala 'Kafe Siber' Perosak Remaja Negara, with two different raided cafe's both with his face in it). So we drove a little further away, then found this other cybercafe, with its shutters half open. Since we went all the way out that night for gaming, we might as well try. Winston went down to scout the cafe for its availability. Not before long, wiwi ran back to the car and said : 'drive drive!! macam druggie den bodo! the cafe tables we're monitorless yet people are all in there smoking something foul! what if MPSJ raids this drug place? my picture taken again???' (thinks: Ketagihan Kafe Siber dan Dadah Perosak Wawasan, with winstons picture both in a cyber and a drug den). We decided to call it a day then, t'was running late, and we had absolutely nowhere to go. Meng tat said something about drinking but... the thought of going to buy cheap alchohol from a place we know just made winston think about him getting caught by MPSJ buying alchohol (think: well.. u know the drill 'Hancurlah Remaja kini dengan Tabiat Alkohol, Dadah dan Game Komputer') He'll be the nation's model young citizen!

    Finally, when the real day arrives, we asked him 'eh, sooo watcha wanan do fer ur bday?' and he replied 'drink!'. (The 9ners were shocked because.. meng tat isnt normally known to like drinking, or... well we're not exposed to that side of him.. yet) So we just gathered around, bought some drinks, cakes and started. By the first hour, Meng Tat dissapeared to the toilet, then spent the entire night hugging the toiletbowl, half asleep, pale as can be. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He had tooo many shots in a short short amount of time and... hahaha.. got knocked out.

    Enjoy the piccas!

    Me and Tashna @ TSB

    Matta and Meng Tat

    Meng Tat and Pei Lin

    Bored? anybody??

    Meng Tat and the guys

    Teh Girls

    Me and Munraj


    Pei Lin and Firman


    Pick yer Pois'n Matey... arrrr

    Meng Tat, going on strong (his last appearance for the lens before going MIA)

    Party has to go on!! with or without the main man!

    Main man found!

    *pic removed by request from Pei Lin*

    Red... as hell...

    WilZC at 12:52 AM


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