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    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    Hating the humidity!!
    been showering 5 times a day!!!
    and here are more quick updates!!!

    last nights' Euro Quals game between England and Croatia was.... footballing entertainment at its best!!!! like wooooooo!! what a match!!! the drama!!! the anxiety!!! and of course England playing with their backs against a burning wall..... I started out backing the Croats, and they scored with amazing ease!!!! 2-0 by halftime!!! but the sheer desire and constant probing, attacking football of the english team was admirable!! so much so that.. i somehow clenched my fist when they scored their first and second goals!! almost sympathetic to their cause.... however, they lost 3-2 at the end.. and... soo.. THANKYU COMEAGAIN!!!

    Match Notes:

    - Englands defence without Terry and Ferdinand is absolute rubbish!!! the croatian attack waltzed in and out of the english box waaay tooo easy!!! Alienhead and Slow Campbell just isnt up to it (although i think Alienhead is a pretty good player in general)

    - Steven Gerrard played magnificently for about 80% of the game. He was everywhere!! getting back to tackle, stringing passes. Awesome stuff. It shows how much he's willing to battle for his country.

    - Frank Lampard's penalty was something worth of note. It was Englands chance to pull a goal back when the penalty was awarded and.. i was already praying it wouldnt be Lamps. Im a Chelsea fan, and the pressure to score from the spot was immense.. just immense!! especially with all the criticism surrounding Lamp's England squad spot... A miss would kill lampard.... but no.. he walked up to take the penalty, and took it with a big brave heart... kudos to Lamps. (i was praying Beckham would take it! muahhahah)

    - David Beckham was majestic. Old as he is, and back from injury, he still played pretty well, showing his intelligence. His cross that led to the 2nd goal was top class.

    - Joe Cole was probably Englands most industrious player on the offensive end.

    - Niko Kranjcar played well for Croatia, and somehow when the ball comes to him, it always seems like a dangerous play.

    - Urgh i dont really know the names (or at least to spell them out) of the rest of the Croatian squad but they played really well! they dug deep and defended well, then hit England with counterattacks that sliced up the English defence like hot knife tru butter.

    urgh.. when did the HIGHWAY SPEEED LIMITS get capped at 80KPH??
    WTF??? thats dammmm slowwwwwwwww.... and Ken Han reports that road blocks and speed traps are occuring more then ever!!! that sux!!1 big time!!!
    Does that mean i wont be able to hit gear5 on highways???
    like.. cruising at gear4 lalalalala. How pathetic...

    I consider myself to be a rather easygoing guy...... i think im rather calm and cool, almost rarely agitated and never really too easily angered but.... i now realise.... the one thing that ticks me off ... actually.. wont blog about this laaah.. hahaha

    What else?
    Meh i just had another evening basketball + night futsal action. Wah penat la. But actually i think my bod's coping with it and im feeling great!

    Anything more??
    OOWWWWH!!! ive been wanting to mention this for some time now!! i just kept procrastinating but... i.. ith blocked from betahebat.blogspot.com!!! OII YKKKKKKKK ... invite laaa

    WilZC at 10:16 AM


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