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    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    exams are over!!! and.. well.. i dunno.. i've just been doing things
    busying myself about with nothing at all!!!
    regardless.. i almost forgot i had a blog :P
    time for some 'meaningful' updates!!

    First Paper!! : BioChemistry!!
    URgh, it was a walk in the park?? everyone came outta the exam hall complaining the paper was hard as hell but.. i .. found it rather easy actually.. mebbe coz regardless of the fact i hate chem, my chemistry repertoire is better then the average biotech students due to my.. past 'experiences'

    Second Paper!! : Food MicroBiology!!
    urgh.. this one i struggled.. too much to study.. too little time!! and everyone else came outta the hall telling me 'twas an easy paper!! what the hell!! im sooooo dead!! worried.. pray theres supplementaries...

    Third Paper! : Advanced Bioinformatics
    Geez.. had to travel all the farking way to bundoora for this.. and it was a sitter this... im pretty sure i'll pass..... (unless my assignments got ditched rreaaall bad)

    Post-Exam activities!!!!
    NONE!! jebus!!!
    right after exams! i spent the entire night watching anime on bed... in a very very very bad position which might have hurt my back somehow..
    because.. the next day! during futsal, after what i would consider an ordinary fall, i hurt my back realll bad.. in fact.. its hurting now!!
    mann.. ive had a history of back injuries.. and.... what a time for it to re-occur!! RIGHT as im about to head back home to malaysia!! DAMMIT!!

    Other exciting happenings so far would be like
    - Aris starting to date a girl...
    - This game Football Manager 2008 is out!! i got it.. and its taking over my life....
    - Chelsea back on song (for now)...
    - NBA season starts!! owhhh!! NBA restart needs a dedicated post!! sooo excitingggg!!!

    BEfore im off ... hither are some paparchase humour....

    urgh wargh.. something wrong with blogger.com's image uploads!1 dammit!
    just when i wanted 2 post an entry!!!

    WilZC at 7:29 AM


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