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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    WOOHOOO!!! it has begun!!!
    The 2007-2008 NBA season!! and.. it has never gotten me more excited before!!
    Why?? here are a few reasons why:

    FIRSTLY!! Boston Celtics made the biggest pre-season trade ever!! bigger even (at least in my eyes) then Shaquille O'Neals' move to Miami. Boston were the biggest loosers last season, having lost more games then any other team that year. The main reason? Paul Pierce, their heart and soul, was sidelined by injuries for long periods of time, leaving a very young and inexperienced Celtics cold and lost. Pierce has been keeping the Celtics from falling apart for a very very long time now, shouldering the burden of winning (or loosing) night in night out. He is, no doubt, is one of the better Guard/Forwards in the league today, just behind the big shadows of Kobe, T-Mac and LeBron. Even so, Pierce cant possibly do it by himself.... tried, failed tried again, and his will wavering.

    How now??? Danny Ainge used his little green jedi mind tricks to pull a few strings and traded their bright young players for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen!! now, the Celtics boast a trio of all-star players! superstars in their own right! and IMHO the most talented trio any team has ever put together in a very... very.. long time....

    The Big Green Trio

    Ray Allen came from Seattle, where he was the focal point of his team's offence, and like Pierce, shouldering the burden of his team's fortunes night in night out. Ray has, no doubt, one of the best shooting strokes the NBA has ever seen. To imagine Ray teamed alongside a guy like Pierce is breathtaking indeed! A slick, smooth sharpshooter that allen is... and the strong and fast, all rounded game that Pierce brings. Ray's presence outside the 3zone will allow Pierce more freedom to drive into the lanes.

    And thats not all!!

    KG and his number!

    Kevin Garnett is in town!!! saving the best for last, KG is arguably one of the best players in the game today. His basketball repertoire is whole and complete!! KG is a monster in every facet of the game, and he tends to make every1 around him better! The last time he had teamates of considerable 'talent' in Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell, they reached the conference finals! Sam Cassell was a crybaby, and Sprewell is equally as bad, but with their 'talents', it was enough to support big KG almost all the way. Sam and Spree are, sadly, NOWHERE CLOSE to the talents and abilities of Pierce and Ray.

    Now, how does one stop these 3? Pierce can be quite the force with his penetrations into the lane and his shooting has to be respected as well. Garnett will kill anyone but the best defenders in the league. His moves, speed and scoring touch is excellent. Also is his unselfishness as a team player and his ability to pass the ball, especially when double-teamed. Ray himself commands the respect of any defence becase of his shooting ability. Being in seattle, defences constantly close him down tightly. With Pierce and Garnett around, the defence can no longer shut out just one player, because anyone of them would blow any team apart.

    And these 3, never won a Championship, and.. yes, they're very very hungry....

    What else?

    well, not as exciting as the Boston Celtics is the Milwaukee Bucks.
    Nothing big in perticular, just the intrigue of watching rookie Yi JianLian in the NBA. YES! another 7 foot tall chinese player!!! Another Yao Ming>???
    well not exactly... Yao is 7 foot 6 inches tall, big big center. Slow, BIG, strong and plays effectively when near (and facing away from) the basket. Yi however, is rather different! 6 inches shorter, still very very tall, but this young kid is extremely athletic. He's far faster then Yao, plays better facing the basket and shoots from long range. In fact, his most notable trait (aside from being 7foot tall, chinese, and much faster then yao ming) is his sweet shooting form, which is, quoting Charlie Rosen, almost flawless. He is however, a tad too skinny, but with a few years building up, he'll be a very very good player indeed. Because really now, how does one stop a 7foot shooter whoz probably quicker then any equally tall defender u put against him.

    Anything more?

    yea, of course! this is the year Shaq passes down the heavyweight belt to Yao, because, this is the year Yao surpasses Shaq as NBA's BEST CENTER. In fact, Yao already has.... waaaayyy surpassed Shaq's current level of performance. Yao was making his stand for it last year, but with Shaq winning a Championship the year before that, Shaq somehow keeps his #1 spot, for mostly honorary reasons. This year, this year is a no-contest. Yao wins. And because of this, and the resurgence of Tracy Mcgrady, and the fact that Houston Rockets made a couple of nice additions to their squad, would make the Rockets a pretty solid team.

    Last but not least, Seattle Supersonics! letting Ray Allen go hurts them offensively, but their willingness to part with the future hall of fame player was in no small part, credited to the drafting of Kevin Durant. Skinny lil kid out of college, Durant is extremely gifted with the basketball, and his scoring and shooting touch is by far the best the NBA has seen from any rookie for the past few years! Look for him to score a bunch this year.

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