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    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Bags be stuffed!! filled to the brim!!!
    As sheets are folded and tucked away!!!
    Ticket in hand, passport in my pants!!
    Northward bound i am!!

    Shirtsss! check!
    Pantssss! check!
    Fuck i forgot some underwear!!
    Sockss!! check!
    Shoess! check!
    b'wait, how many pairs to bring?!

    Friends await me back at home
    Friends i'll leave as i head home
    Crossing the sea im gonna be
    And eight's the hours that i must see
    so how?
    come fly with me!

    sooo melancholic.. hahahaha...
    cant wait to be back home!!!
    yet i loath the smell of malaysia's sweet, humid air...
    for everytime i do so... i know.. i've gotten older....
    a year will have passed.... as i edge ever closer to complete adulthood...
    (some would argue that, at 21, im already a full grown adult!, but really now.. :P )
    Come ye Two-Thousand-and-Eight, i greet thee now with a heavy heart!
    Come ye now my 22nd year! what hast thou in store for me!

    Anyhow... its 6am!!! about 9hours more till my feet leaves the cold, hard soil of Melbourne... and about 17hours till i hit 'tanah airku'...
    And im sooo not prepared to be home!!
    in fact!! i've never been this unprepared!!! never been this relunctant!!

    WilZC at 10:22 AM


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