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    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Part 1 : Friday night @ VII

    okok so it isnt reaaally my birthday yet but... due to exams n such..
    decided to 'celebrate' it over the weekend!!!
    and since Tar's and Ric's birthdays are around the same time (in Ric's case, we share the same birthday) every1 decided to just bring em all out and smash em wif alchohol at 7... So... there isnt really anything to blog about....
    went there, early, boring, drank drank drank..
    drank some more... saw eugene and mun hoong ... said hie.. tagged along with them to escape the drinks.. more friends came in.. crowd started pouring... bottles getting emptied..
    basically table hopped around drinking and all but somehow..
    managed to stay sober enough ..
    some few people however.. got quite quite drunk :D ahahha..
    actually... i got pretty drunk as well i think....
    if memory serves... i came home in a cab, bounced from wall to wall to my room, took off my shirt... and... started playing DoTA...... till daybreak...

    From Left: Junie, Harjunan, Myself, Pras, Ollie and Ivan

    Meet the Drummond Boys!! (or rather... just 75% of us) Yuhan and Aris

    When alchohol takes over.....

    Me, Goku? and Tinesh?

    The other table! with clockwise from far left: Yuhan, Jon, Derry, Ric(bday boy) and Tak

    The other birthday boy Tar (center), with Arthur, Benson and.. some.. urgh peoples...

    Part 2: The Feast @ Limors

    Ah, Saturday night.. after a hectic friday, we decided to tone down and have some good food @ Limors, a well known greek eat. THIS TIME AROUND!!! My Dearest Cousin agreed to turn up!! (SHE SNUBBED FRIDAY NIGHT AT CLUB 7!!) So did Daniel and Nic. Decent dinner, food was... well.. meaty :D to say the least. Now!! here comes the SAD PART!!!... every1 was looking to get me pissed drunk on Friday night!!.. they failed!!.. i paced myself nicely with the drinks but... at limors... Daniel bought me a Flaming Lamborgh just before we started eating ... and... just one glass.. and.. i.. puked.... right after dinner....
    holy crap.... but well.. i blame that on my empty stomach (havent had a meal the entire day till dinner. But still great dinner!! (although it all came out right after) I suppose the puking was retribution for tthe fact i did not puke in the club? ahhahah

    The Drummond Boys (minus Justin, add Treshan) in front of our house

    Seafood Platter (yes, each platter includes 2 men)

    The meat platter

    The guys

    The girls

    The cheap drunk....

    Last but not least!!! a shoutout to my dear friends whoz birthdays also fall somewhere near mine!! Ken Han, Joyce, Suey, Amanda (same bdate), Jocelyn(same bdate) and urgh.. cant remember.. got more la..

    WilZC at 9:44 AM


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