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    Saturday, September 15, 2007


    woooo.. fourty two dorra sunday breakfast!! V(^_^)V
    expensive.. but urgh.. maybe just about worth the price.. :D
    had dim sum (yumcha) at shark fin inn ... woooo went wild with the orders...
    blew 30bux there.. then on the way back i stopped to buy some choc chip cookies from Mrs. Fields...

    Yuhan: WTF? cookies??? are u not stuffed???
    Arisie: yeah man.. the thought of handling food makes me feel like throwing up
    WilZC: but its mrs fields dammmit.. mrs. fields!!!
    Yuhan: 12bux worth of cookies.. omg... that costs as much as the clothes hanger aris bought
    WilZC: But its Mrs. Fields dammit.... its worth more then the hanger!
    Yuhan: Nooooo? the hanger can be used over n over again, thoose cookies are perishables....
    WilZC: what bullshit... every mrs. fields choc chip u eat becomes a part of your soul V(^_^)V (holds the bag of cookies against my chest)
    Yuhan: ..................
    Arisie: Fuck.. wheres the car man? fucking hanger is fucking heavyla....
    WilZC: takes a bite of the Chewy Choc Fudge Cookie (actually feeling rather really fucking full)


    Hmm.. another soccer saturday....
    played hell lotsa soccer.. THEN watched alot of EPL matches.. and.. mann..
    another fucking dissapointing Chelsea performance...

    Liverpool vs Portsmouth 0-0 fucking boring game.. couldnt take it.. fell asleep on Arisie's bed... (i think my head was on his boxers -_-')

    WilZC at 8:12 PM


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