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    Sunday, September 02, 2007

    Chelsea just lost 0-2 to Aston Villa.........
    i feel like ripping sum1's head off..... fucking retards.....
    for all the fucking money in the world, they cant play football.....
    sigh.. sigh sigh sigh.... feel like giving up on them yet again...
    i guesss i better go workout lah... do some weights 3am in the morning to.. release off the pent up anger positively... man.. fucking HELL ARGH!!
    whats worse? remember me and my housemates playing Football Manager?
    well.. yeah my lead on the boys has been minimized to almost NOTHING!! and my team is playing poorly! omg double whammer!!! sienlaAAA

    well, enough of the footballing woes. I suppose after my little workout (which should end up getting procrastinated by the time im through with this post), i'll continue watching some anime to lighten up the night. Recently got hooked to Death Note. On the surface, it sounds really... weird.. like WTF some notebook that enables one to kill just by writing names on it. Thats just retarded! But after delving into the plot, its one helluva well thought story. And the characters and their personas are nothing short of amazing. No super powers (cept the deathnote), just... mental jousting, plotting, deductions and clever analysis of events. And.. and.. and .. and L is just soo cool :P ahahaha.

    Which comes to the topic of... maybe its just me, and my preference for witty and intelligent characters that are sort of a pacifist by nature, avoiding physical fights if necessary. Because, i am liek that too! Though, i suppose i do have the credentials to actually put up a fight :P Taekwondo for at least 10years of my early life. A little bit of kenjutsu, an introduction to jujitsu and, well, being somewhat gifted in giving massages, knowing and feeling pressure and pleasure points of the human body, i do also know places where i can inflict excruciating pain towards someone (sans the balls of course, thats common knowledge). Now, will there be a chance to try some of these things? hmm.. well if chelsea continue to frustrate me i just might snap...

    before i wrap up my rants, i noticed bloggers new 'add video' thingy. Now.. lets try uploading something

    ps: Hey there DElilah getting annoying so i removed it, go download the mp3 urself if u like it.

    WilZC at 9:54 AM


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