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    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    There was once an artist, who, on a blank canvas,
    painted a magnificent picture.
    T'was, what many, including himself,
    deem as his greatest masterpiece.
    And lo! he became obsessed with it!
    staring at it excessively as time passes on.
    The more he looked at the picture,
    the more he felt the need to correct brushstrokes
    and add fine touches to it.
    And so.. he did, relentlessly.

    Alas, the more improvisions he made,
    the uglier the outcome.
    Soon, it came to him that the additions were only defiling the original work.
    So he removed, erased and re-painted parts.
    In time, what was once a great piece of art, became something unrecognisable, somehing ugly and unsightly.
    What was left is a canvas, tattered and ruined.
    Colours.. dark and intertwined.

    Too late it was, for the turn back. Too much it was, damaged to heal.
    Such were his final realizations.
    So now it lies, as a pile a scrap,
    in oblivion with the rest of the failed works.
    A new canvas? perhaps... a new inspiration?? in due time...
    but heart he has no more.....


    *picture taken from tina's

    WilZC at 7:58 PM


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