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    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    After our weekly football session today, one of our friends had spicy Szechuan food cravings so we went to this famous eatery to satisfy his needs. Food was great albeit spicey. Sometimes the chilli just overpowers every other taste around till its practically chilli tasted food of different textures (chicken, duck, pork, fish and eggplant). And after an overdose of spices? well.. the DSB rushed home to the toilet.. alll of us!! MUD BUTT!! omg omg omg.. everybody needed to crap badly, and theres only 2 toilets. Aris took fucking half an hour goddamit. My bowel was about to blowwwwww urgh!!! holding back!!!! the shizzzz. But well.. when my turn came, i took my aroma therapy sticks and lit them up in the toilet then did bidznezz. Ya knowww... the release of pent up faeces (or mud in this case) can be quite the sensation. After the aroma sticks were in place, i sat there on the bowl, looked up to the ceiling with my eyes rolled upwards as if tranced, then i.. released..... followed by moans of gratification... of emancipation. The relieved load, the release, almost.. orgasmic.... as i pant and gasp for air, awaiting the second burst, then the third. *HIT ME!! HIT ME AGAIN!! I KNOWW THERES MORE TO IT!* OWH!!! ARGHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGH yeah.. One final one for the road, then im done, tissues to wipe up, then off to the showers for the afterplay. Toilet bowl looked like it was a venue for some destruction derby or sumtin, had to clean it up ahhahahaha.

    Conclusion -> Mud Butt man... i'z dangerez

    WilZC at 9:51 AM


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