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    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    Me and my darling birthday girl
    (yes, this was on the 28th of June long time ago, hence my still long hair)

    tis here tis here! the pictures!!...
    and so i'll start with Pei Lin's 21st birthday!! :D who is she??? shes my dearest cousin! First of all, she is my closest kin, in the lands downunder. Secondly she is my closest friend and confidante. I've spent my entire life with her, since before i knew how to walk, to talk, then to pre-school, primary, highschool, college and now.. melbourne. We were cousins, neighbours, classmates, rivals, collegues, partners and best of friends. Twenty one years now u have lived, and im a few months behind :D. Twenty one years you have endured me, and i have endured u :P. And i'll continue to be around, im sure, for as long as i am fleshbound, we'll hit a century together perhaps, and then we'll look back at the past :D. You're one of the best ever things that have happened to me and you'll continue to be one of the closest beings i have to the heart, one i'll gladly take a bullet for. And i love you.. and you're 21... so now go get laid....

    Groupshot mischief! me with the hammer!! rawr!!! and micelle has forks on my head!
    (Clockwise from top left: Michael, Andy *top*, Han *bottom*, Myself, Michelle, Daniel, Tina, Cantremember1, Cantrememeber 2, Nichola, Hui Ching, Peilin, Jean and Tracy)

    Groupshot mischeif! OUCH MAN FUCKING HELL!! Daniel stopped me from hammering burfdaygirl by pinching my nipples!!! and michelle looks like shes got her forks up my arse!!

    Me n my fav melbourne girls, from left, Tina (whoz no longer a melbourne girl), Peilin, Tracy, and Nic.

    Meet The Cousins! Me, Pei Lin, Daniel our big Bro

    The boiz

    Nintendo Wii slumber partaay afterwards. I had videos.. but its 2am in the morning.. lazy 2 convert them and post them up :P

    WilZC at 8:20 AM


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