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    Friday, August 24, 2007

    Bored.. its 5am.. i ran outta blogs to stalk.. staring blankly at the screen..
    i cant sleep... nor do i feel the need to....
    dont wanna dota.. no mood todo so...
    its too cold to wank.. nor do i feel like doing so....
    im hungry, but theres absolutely nothing to eat at home at the moment...
    im thirsty, i want water, yet the walk to the nearest water source seems like it'll take forever, not to mention the cold corridors......
    theres nobody interesting on MSN.. nor am i in the mood for a chat...
    hownow? browncow

    - sorry Nat, i was kinda sickly, so i couldnt make it to sebun. When r ya flying off? we'll meet for lunch instead.. or.. koko black??

    - sorry Sky, (read reason above). See u at another club, owh yeah, merdeka.. u doing anything???

    - Countdown @ Velour then party @ Shamiana??? OR Countdown @ Shamiana then party @ Velour?? urgh urgh.. which has the hotter crowd? V(^_^)V decisions decisions.....

    - sooo sick, my world is now devoid of taste and smell... i cant even sniff my whiskey.... and and i jusssttt figured how to prepare Zaru Soba, yet i cant fully enjoy the taste :S but... if theres one thing i wanna smell.. its you.. if theres one thing i wanna taste right now.. it... would be .. you... you yess you....

    - i should sleep.. soccer 2moro..

    - i need a hug. someone. huggles? puhlease? hahahahaa

    - dammit i sound pathetic... tch...

    WilZC at 12:18 PM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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