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    Sunday, July 08, 2007

    why do humans, me, in particular, get so easily attracted, intrigued and enthralled by things which are deemed... well... forbidden... untouchable.. and unattainable.. To me, anything with [DO NOT TOUCH] labelled all over seems more like [COME HITHER BOY]. And its not as if i dont know any better.. i DO know!.. im smart enough to know, i already know actually.. that i should avoid these things.. but why? but how? i need 2 start thinking straight. Actually i am, i just need to put thoughts to actions. Human.. HUMAN!!.. wat is human? is this human?

    Quoting Liu Bei's advisor from the book 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' "The worst kind of men arent those who lets wrongdoings happen without knowing it but those that realise the wrongs but cannot do anything to correct them" (commenting on Liu Biao on his inability to stop his liutenants from abusing power and terrorizing the Jingzhou stately affairs). Best part is, amazingly i remmeber this shiz... the last time i read the book was when i was 15?? owh nostalgia... i wonder where that book is now....

    siderant1: wahh.. cannot take it, back 2 back clubbing nights.. then basketball... wooo and somehow im still awake at this hour, albeit rather very sleepy... got a massive hangover when i woke up this morning, felt like puking, but was too sleepy 2 walk 2 the toilet....

    ps1: pei lin puked, too much alchohol, then Willie, bought her the Coup De Grace, the Green Fairy, who danced like a pixie in her tummy n head.

    For this picture, i'll be castrated.. and violated in ways i cannot imagine

    siderant2: Im broke!! yet again!! farking spent heaps on mindless shopping, then friends came down from Sydney, and so brought them around and indulged with them. After wasting 40bucks (RM120) on a rather mediocre tasting steak, the final blow has been dealt, i'll be feeding on nothing that'll cost more then 4dollars a meal. But im done with instant noodlums.. any other suggestions??

    Shopping and camwhoring.. man... bad influence from fellow bloggers :S

    As a being made of pure narcissism, it didnt take too long before...

    Siderant3: CANT WAIT FOR THE SKI TRIP!!! i've been very busy with 'life' these few days, and and this will be the icing on the cake, the diamond on the tiara, the mole on the face, the eye of london in malaysia. First tho, need to do heaps of squats, coz according to Master Teo, thigh strength is important, and fitness levels should be peak to enjoy the ski/snowboarding. Time to obtain them thunderthighs...

    Siderant4: CUT MY HAIR!! omg! i look soo korean!! blardy koreans!! they made me look like one of 'em!! best part is!! Tracy recommeded me this shop coz i hate those FoB's claiming that this saloon is purely ABC, but no! alas, theyre 100% fresh korean importss!! they cant understand a word!! the shampoo girl took, or rather i took 5mins to process what shes trying to tell me 'Theres no more hot water, so the water will be a lil cold, is that ok?'. And the main hair dresser, lets not even start wif d guy.. he got the counter lady to speak to me as translator, and best part is, i cant understand the counter lady, nor can she really understand me.

    ps2: After the haircut, they even got me to fill in this form so i can be a member...
    little did they know.... {continue with your own ending of the story here}

    siderant5: IF ONLY!! momma didnt throw away all my Transformers toys when hair started growing outta my armpits!! (and privates but lets not continue about that) I'd be rich selling them off at eBay!!!!!!!!!

    WilZC at 7:59 AM


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