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    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Sigh... sleeping times are a lil messed up at the moment... :S Tracy slept over last nite and she was coughing badly, couldnt sleep well coz i wus kinda worried but then she said its normal. Then! slept all night today and its 3am now and im wide awake... so.. clickety click and away we go!!!

    Eversince i heard this song for the first time, i cant remember where, i think t'was YL's blog but yeah, its now become my like #1 emo song hahaha. Gonna list down a few amusing covers ive seen n heard on youtube.

    Amusing.... making me feel like doing my OWN cover of this song.. butttt... naaahh.... my falsetto will destroy the world ahahah. Sum1 ought to record me singin in the bathroom hahahahahha.

    Muse - Unintended

    Sweet girl. Can i have her msn contacts? :D hahaha

    Cant seem to take my eyes off her emobrows. Quite a bad cover but who am i to comment..... Also think she's phillo, heavy accent there.

    This guy looks dorky, but actually quite amusing stuff he pulled off... jadi la.. jadi!.. hahahah he actually did the falsetto parts better then the girls above.

    And now for some heavy foreign accent. But the guitar pluckings are dam crisp.. bleh.. if only i can play like dat....

    Now.. for my very own cover.... no laughing!!!

    WilZC at 10:06 AM


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