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    Monday, July 16, 2007

    When i was a kid, during art sessions where we were asked to draw 'what we wanna be' when we grow up... peers would draw all sortsa stuff, from policemen, firemen, soldiers, ballerinas beauty queens, nurses and doctors, yada yada yada .... As for me? i would draw myself, handsome as can be =P , in white labcoats, holding test tubes with weird colours. And that was my vision, my childhood goal... and it stuck on to me. My handwork would mature, as i draw better looking pictures of me in labcoat, but the labcoat remains, from preschool, primary, and well.. even highschool. Back then, i was an avid reader, an Encyclopedia whore. I was a walking Discovery Channel, reading new things everyday about science, technology as well as biology and animals. I was rather quite fond of animals, the fastest, the longest, the biggest, the fiercest, the smartest and so on.. i'd know them all.

    Fast forward a good fifteen years. Im hitting 21years of age, 7000miles away from my family, in a room, my room, its now where i call home, home far away from home. Cozy yet its cold outside, very, and Linda is doing just well enough to warm me up, though im not impressed (will return her to Aris tomorrow). Piles of clean laundy stack right behind me, loose coins all over the place, havent shaved in a week, hair unkempt, the shirt i wear still smells of perfume, alchohol and cigarettes from clubbing a few nights ago (i actually like that combination of scents so i reuse the shirts as long as i can huahuahua). My bed is a mess, used jeans on the floor, bills and receipts scattered everywhere, cookie crumbs by the table AND I.. i'm sitting here, ignoring those chores and blogging away. Im still interested in biology though, human biology, human females to be more exact. Chapter Three, human sexual reproduction.

    Last i checked, im enrolled in a well known Australian university, nearing the completion of my bachelors degree, Bachelor of Applied Science in Biotechnology. A scientist! a scientist i say!! but really now... do i really want this? do i really know what todo with this? or is this just a subconscious inclination pathway that i have fore-built since i was a kid? Have i actually logically, feasibly thought about this? about my life, as a scientist! What will i do next? will this carry on and be the backbone of how my life will be for the next.. well twenty years or so? I am sooo lost, Mid-Uni life-Crisis i'd call it. I've heard many a few great stories about friend's friends, or friend's friend's friends, young enterpreneurs, barely 25, rich, unfuckingbelievably rich and successfull. They'd do things outta the norm, breakthrough and now, they're probably richer then my daddy, leading a lifestyle many only dream of. And im pretty sure my path wont ever look like theirs. Envious? hardly, in awe? maybe.. inspired, dont think so. But this just makes me look back (and forward) and ponder about the choices i have made and the roads ive travelled.. and of course.. the paths.. not taken...

    For now though... i'll just.. soldier on... soldier on.... scientist I will be. Live ...and let live

    WilZC at 7:40 AM


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