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    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Bored... spent a whole hour playing wif this thingy.. roflol!! its quite fun!!
    So, among the faces, Dalai Lama? :D PAVEL NEDVED!!! BoA and.. Ayumi Hamasaki? roflol

    I also took the liberty to toy around wif pics of my other friends...

    Pei Lin, dearest darlin cousin

    Tina, housemate of 2 years... lol she got the dalai lama as well!!

    Tracy, dear dear friend. And she looks like jackie chan.. :D (funny how both tracy n peilin got Ryoko Hirosue)

    Aris, my housemate. John Woo!! anybody?

    Ken Han. Bae Yong Jun

    Daniel, big bro.

    Jo-Leen, ol time friend, Halle Berry it seems

    Steph, my ex from a long time ago (had a pic lingering around). And all her matches are over 80%!?

    Mattasan!!!! {Myheritage.com: Sorry, no faces were detected, Click here to try again}

    WilZC at 10:55 PM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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