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    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    Part 3: The Apostles

    Twelve there once were, when all was new
    standing tall and mighty, 'gainst wind and tides
    but who can withstand? strong as they are
    the crushing blows of Father Time
    one by one, they fall aground
    Twelve there once were, now Seven remain....

    - WilZC -

    The Apostles

    Carcass of the Apostle

    From left: Yen Yen, KaWing, Ru, Sk and ME. Wah my eyes look freaky..

    Cold cold cold..

    Melb > Sydney

    huu more mindless camwhoring

    Part 4: Loch Ard wreck site, Graveyards and the journey home

    Loch Ard was this 19th century merchant/transport ship that got wrecked by the rough seas and shorelines around this area. Theres also a graveyard for the dead sailors and passengers nearby. Hahhahah when we saw the graveyard we all bolted back into the car (t'was already nightfall).

    Loch Ard wreck site

    Urgh, whats this again cannot remember

    Ka Wing acting perculiar

    I think... theres sumtin wrong wif Ka Wing..

    WilZC at 6:08 AM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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