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    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    Finally got to watch S3. Cheaparse tickets coz its some family screening courtesy of Daniel's workplace. Meaning? kids, families, and more kids.. in fact, its swarming wif kiddos... and tracy hates kiddos.. quote 'u know your dislike for using public toilet to poop? yeah thats kinda the same level i have with kids' hahah wtf..
    but it was a fun watch... really..

    after shrek though, i really had a thought about fat/ugly ppl sex, as in, hmm...
    mannn.. i wouldnt do it wif a fat ogre, not with a million bucks to cash for... so.. this LOVE thingy really exist eh?? that, or mebbe coz the other half is desperate coz he/she is too ugly 2 get it from anyone else.. mebbe im just mean..
    but really, when ur fugly, ur fugly, and no, nobody will see u as a looker. Its only because your inner self is so beautiful then some can overlook that outer shell you live in to reallly like you. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' doesnt always hold true, because beauty itself is a subjective term. And so when girls ask their respective partners 'hey, does my arse look fat in this' the answer isnt yes, nor is it no, but rather it should be... i dont care, i love you. Because fiona's arse is rather fat.... :S and yes, im an ogre inside me *swings head around to fly my long messy hair*

    Well then, after that, shopping beckons! i was really up for some massive purchasing, but, time did not permit me. We only had an hour to shop before DFO closes, that sux, bought a beanie... thats all.. and most of the time, i was a permanent fixture outside dressing rooms carrying plastic bags.

    Got really bored, so i practiced the special.. 'Covert Camwhoring' techniques

    This one's even better, hahaha u almost cant see the cam

    I wonder why im not smiling for the camera ahhaha!, mebbe im trying to look nonchalant because im after all, doing some ninja-camwhoring.

    Then for some unknown reason, we walked in the blistering cold to docklands, for nothing. Mebbe take a few snaps, thats all... pffft... shcooo cold!! i didnt bring a jacket!!! and didnt buy one!!

    Looking gay, but owh what the hell, no other pictures

    Shrek wannabe's

    WilZC at 11:10 PM


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