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    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Congratulations, San Antonio Spurs, yet again... NBA champs 2007

    Duncan the main man on the left, and MVP Tony Parker

    Playoff Final's Most Valuable Player Tony Parker, and his fiancee, Eva Longoria

    Hmm... ive found pics of the playoff halftime dancers sooo lets review them instead!! V(^_^)V

    Hmmm this might be why the spurs won, mann hawt...


    These are the girls that makes Yao Ming's 'rocket' go high (pun intended)

    Kobe Bryant's girls...

    Holy cow theyre fugly, get them outta here... look at the costume!! its ... an abomination...

    Ever wondered why the pistons couldnt make it? their dancer's face looked like she got rammed by a truck down at the motor city(detroit)

    Mann, theres just something about tied up white tees with short denim skirts/pants that jussssstttt turns me on... and ive no idea which team this is ... but i dont care

    WilZC at 3:01 PM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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