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    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    ah.. its been awhile since ive seen the light of day...
    its been awhile since ive breathed the fresh morning air..
    its been awhile since ive seen birds flying across blue skies..
    its been awhile since... i've been alive...
    all that paperchase... all that cramped up revisions...
    and all that sleepless nights burning the midnight lamp all the way till daybreak..
    almost as if i've made a pact with a powerful ethreal entity, borrowing time to make up for the 4 months of slacking...
    ive been sleeping at 6am.. 7am.. and sometimes 11am.. in the morning... waking up at dinner time.. sometimes.. i wonder why.... i mean, i would have just about the same sleeping hours as an ordinary routine .. yet somehow i find it easier to read at wee hours... maybe.. maybe im just nocturnal..

    the thingamagiks that kept me sane

    whats worse? winter beckons.. colder then what memory would have known it to be... and with the rains at night and early morning drizzles, its almost a good thing i havent ventured out of the house just after sunrise. but no!, alas, for some reason, rmit is now using the MSAC sports centre as an exam venue! and so i'm dragging myself outta bed extra early, bathing in icy cold waters just to catch an early tram heading for the place, to finish of an examination paper in a large hall of a thousand heads. What could be worse? the hall is next to melbourne's largest indoor basketball facility, and from time to time, u'll hear the the basketball thumping on the hardwood, and a quick increase in the thumping rhythm would mean a crossover manouevre and a long pause.. would... signify a shot attempt... and soemtimes, i swear i hear the swishes but maybe thats all in my mind, the courts seeem hollow everytime i peek in post-exam time. i know.. i know... ppl tend to get distracted easier during times like these. halfway discribing the electron transport chain in photosynthesis, u'd pause and think about life, about laws of gravity, humanity (i'll quote this off jason lo) and ... that other thing bugging me ... =D what other thing?? owh.. you know.. THAT.. thing...

    REGARDLESS.. on more paper to go... but i'll live life a day at a time....
    *logs in to the gaming server*

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