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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    after the paperchase is over... im finally emancipated.. briefly that is... yet.. now.... life suddenly seems soo monotonous.. so .. empty...
    when time is of essence!, every second is precious!!, leisure time becomes a luxury, and you feel guilty for 'indulging' in this extra wasted time... but somehow, i'd find the time and excuse todo the little things i do like blog n blogwhore, dota and basketball...

    now that its over ... these things suddenly no longer appeal...
    owh god... i feel like.... one of thoose grey elves from LOTR, immortal, thousands of years old... having lasted several aeons, they grow tired of this world, and travel.. to the west.... to the west (nobody knows whats there, mebbe big place wif hot chicks)

    sigh... i need a spark... there hasnt been a spark in my eyes for quite some time now... i need .. a catalyst that would bring back that glow.. that spark.. that energy... that desire ... for anything at all... now.. which hardware store sells bright sparkly christmas lights?

    WilZC at 10:37 AM


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