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    Saturday, May 05, 2007

    Some fucking funny sketches roflol.....
    and these are the stuff i find particularly funny hahaha

    - Why cant my turd float beside your turd!

    - sometimes, when im alone, i sit on my hand, till it gets numb, then i masturbate. i call it 'the stranger', coz it aint feel like its ma hand doin it..

    - It was risky, but so is mudd butt

    - I felt some bubblin up my tummy, eeevil bubblin, bubblin that to me, signify nothing but early stages of mudd butt..

    - U.N. u gotta prob wif that? ya know what? ya should sanction me, wif ya army.. OWWH wait a minute! you dont have no armay! i guess that means u need to shut the fuck up!
    coz thats what i would do if i had no army, i would shut the fuck up!!

    - firman? firman? its a racist name?! firman? what'll you say was he a fuhrer? firman? german? firman? german? doesnt that sound a lil familiar to you?

    - Look man, michael jackson has many faces, and none of them look guilty to me, ya gotta look at them eyes.. not the noses

    - WHy is president bush so sure iraq has weapons of mass destruction?
    because he has the receipt...

    - Be careful if you ever get a sleeper hold. The next day your anus will really hurt.

    - Who got the part? Chris Tucker? Shit! Who got the other part? Tell me man. Jackie Chan? That mother fucker can't even speak English!

    - DO YOU KNOW WHAT DOG FOOOD TASTES LIKE!!! do ya?? it tastes just like it smells! delicious!!

    - Darth Vader: My master said the force was strong in me. and gave me a wine cooler, then he made me wear a blindfold and reach into his pants to... look for the force..

    WilZC at 9:49 AM


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