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    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Haihz.. its the exam month again..
    and.. yet again.. im comfortably numb........
    its like.. when you're soo numb, u dont feel anything...
    and when sumbody pinches u hard, u feel nothing...
    not the slightest of pain, but somehow you know, it should hurt..
    and when the numbness recedes, the pain comes crashing down...

    i should study... i am trying.. but not enough... i suppose..
    i know i should take things seriously.. but i dont feel the anxiety...
    and after the exams are over, and the results are out...
    well.... we know the drill....

    in fact, some of u should have heard this story.. many times over..

    taking a shower has been, and will be a pain for the next few days... theres been a leak somewhere, and so the plumbers are here to fix it.. to do so, they .. ripped the bloody wall down... and thus we're unable to use the shower :( for.. well a week or so..... how now? use the bathtub lor.... i mean, big bathtubs are kinky shiz n all.. but.. well... its pretty hard to.. get a shower in the bathtub... when ur nnot.. planning on taking the long soaking baths...
    its rather pathetic hahaha, poor ol naked me crouching and sitting under the tap like a man whoz not touched water in 3 years.... trying 2 get my entire body wet n soaked with HOT water because the weather is so FUCKIGN COLD

    The shower got terrorized by rowdy plumbers trying 2 fix a leak

    The bathtub (i WOULD pose a shot with me in it taking a scrub, buttttt no cameraman larrr, any volunteers?)

    WilZC at 12:54 AM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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