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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    The world, from my window...

    Aih... its sssssoooooooooooooooo sucky to wake up to a grey sky morning..
    it just makes the entire.. day.. so.. gloomy... And whats worse? it rained!!
    omgla!! must i really wake up again today?? whats EVEN worse? im sick!! irritating runny nose and some minor coughs... (the effects of sleeping almost naked in cold weather) but yess i do... i do.. ive got more labs.. important ones.. :S haihz.. soldier on.. soldier on..

    Perhaps, the only thing that.. would.. counter the gloomy effects of GSM would be... well Mrs. Field's niblets!!! and cookies!! the chewy fudgey ones that makes u wanna curl up and masturbate!! oo ooo!!! V(^_^)V i wish i've got like unlimited supply of Mrs. Feilds!! .. i'll be mr happy-all-day!

    warm chewy fudgey choc chip cookies!!!!

    ps: miss amengeldieva wants a cameo appearance on my blog... sooo..

    WilZC at 1:31 AM


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