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    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    WELL!!.. just caught a 'premiere' screening of the movie 300 here in australia!
    (released 2 days ago).. and hmmmm... its a cool film i must say...
    and.. even more amazing... is that... this movie is almost.. historically...
    correct.. from some of their lines... to their deeds, but of course... theres overexaggerations of the number of persian forces and well the greek team didnt just have spartans, but also spartan allies.... from other city-states...

    heres a few of my afterthoughts

    - fight scenes are nice... albeit gory but.. nice nonetheless...
    the slashing, decapitating, dismembering of puny, weak nublets looks soo cool, makes me feel like slashing sumtin up too :D

    - Some parts of it looks like porno :D
    quote tracy : geez, that girl, her nipples look like they're larger then her
    boobies.. apparently its cold la up in that mountain.
    quote pei lin : yea mann, her nipples were like 'WHOOOSH'

    - thoose fit spartans would surely give pei lin some wet dreams :D:D

    - queen gorgo can feature in MY dreams hahaha.. the stuff she wears are soo hawt...
    and easy to take off as well :D

    - Apparently going to war in diapers were the 'in thing' back then... but historically, spartan hoplites wear heavy cuirasses on the torso, with skirts....
    though the spears and dome shaped shields were accurate, so were their helmets.
    Mebbe 300 of the King's finest men MUST also mean they're sexier...

    - Also, apparently, leprosy is more common then the commen flu/fever.... every other person looks like he's retarded with severe leprosy infection...

    - Persians.. must be .. weirdos.. i mean geez! the king has a tent full of
    circus freakshows.... (and lets not get me started with the goat man)

    - Our fav DoTA hero Pudge made an appearance, and even used his 'Dismember'
    ultimate.. on some pooor fools..

    - Again, persians are dumb to try to engage the spartan-led greek army at
    Thermopylae(hot gateway) in such a manner... sending waves after waves of nubs...
    Sending in well armed nooobs WHILE showering the entire battlefield with
    arrows would sacrifice some persians BUT, the spartans wont be able to defend themselves against the arrows coz they'd be preoccupied with the grunts..

    - When the kid of the Spartan captain got pwned, thats soo random man... i mean... suddenly theres this lone mounted rider galloping towards them and cleaved his head off while the rest of the 'skillfull' warriors of sparta stood dumbfounded and none managed to react and goddam throw a spear or sumtin.....

    - The 'theme' seems to be about spartans fighting as 'free' people, yet HISTORICALLY.. at the Battle of Thermopylae, the 300 spartan hoplites fought alongside spartan helots(slaves).... so.. thats just an oxymoron... using slaves to fight for freedom...

    - King Leonidas of Sparta, historically, led 300 of his finest to join the Greek resistance at the Hot Gate. Emperor Xarxes of Persia did exist too! and led the persian invasion along the mediterranean.. That retard hunchback? who led the immortals behind the trench, he's real too!, so is the one eyed dude that went back..

    - Persian Immortals dont fucking look like that... they're bedouin warriors, with spears, bows and a rattan shield (thats why they lost, their shields are made of the same material as the part of the chair that held my granma's bottom on, and i once pierced it with a pencil when i was a kid, so mebbe i got some spartan blood in me)

    WilZC at 9:57 AM


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