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    Monday, March 19, 2007

    latefate-lyfy.. thingfings havefav beenfeen finefine wifif mefee...
    Ifi havefav pickdfickd thefhe shatfhatterdferd piefie-cesfes offof myfy-selfelf upfup
    andfand carfarriedfied onfon.. andfand wasfas doingfoing prefrettyffy wellfell iffif ifi dofoo sayfay myfyselffelf..
    unfuntilfil tofonightfight.... andfand ifi cantfant helpfelp butfut askfask whyfy....
    owhfowh andfand tashfashnafa whyfy arefar youfuu notfot onfon whenfhen ifi needfeed youfuu tofoo befe! :(

    WHY??!?!?! V(^_^)V

    after some reallly dark n gloomy emo months.. i finally got immune to this 'feeling'
    almost ignoring it... although i know its presence is still there...
    i just somehow... learnt to live with it.. to bear it... and neglect it..
    but now.. the 'scource' comes questioning.... WHY? why have i .. or why am i..
    somehow.. living life as if nothing of thoose sorts ever happened...
    as if i have erased them from memory.... (but really, i was just ignoring those memories, and soldiering on)

    and when i told 'it' they werent forgotten, just ignored.... and no longer an issue... 'it' says that there is no longer a point discussing about this...
    since i no longer care... since its a once sided affair...

    and things were left... 'hanging'

    After talking it over wif E ... it would appear that .. the best.. course of action.. for me now.. is to not .. do anything..
    and continue living life as i have..... my door is alwayz open....
    come in if u will... but expect me naught to usher thee in....


    WilZC at 9:27 AM


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