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    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    My fav pair of thongs enjoying the beach as well (pun intended)

    Hmmm.... first of... well the trip happened some time ago hahaha..
    procrastinated till now... man im such a bigass procrastinator i procrastinate my procrastinations....
    so off we go to pangkor for the weekend and some!!!

    The Ride North, and Day 1

    Well.. first of all.. Pudu Bus Station is like BULLSHIT!!!
    my bum fluffs(ass hair) are more organized then those ppl!!..
    i mean.. well see our ride was scheduled to go at 12:30, but then it got 'delayed' to 1:30. And the 1:30 bus never did turn up so we waited....
    I snooped around, talking to the disgruntled fellow passengers and found out that the 12:30 bus never existed, coz we were the only fellas scheduled for the 12:30 bus.. BUT ANYWAYZ, after 3 hours waiting underneath the station, at the exhaust filled bus-docks, our bus finally arrived... Geez the wait was unhealthy man i swear one hour of exposure to those kinda noxious fumes could kill!!! and we had 3!!!
    Cant rmemeber much about the rest of the journey.. slept all d way....

    Upon arrival at Lumut ferry docks, we were off to get ferry tickets, and an Italian couple and their son tagged along wif us coz they were rather lost. Then this dude then came to us and offered us 8dollar ticks, and he said those were adequately priced.. but we were like 'this dude.. really dodgey man' and so we turned down his offfer n got the real tickets from the real counters. And they looked waaay different from the ones the first dude tried to sell us!! Imagine what woulda happened to the Italians if they werent with us? connned!! WELCOME TO MALAYSIA!!

    Ferry Shot

    Aih after all that delay and drama, we finally arrived at our 'penthouse'. Groundfloor penthouse that is.... hahaha. Unpacked, rested a bit, settled the sleeping arrangements(Me+KenHan, Peilin+Yvonne, Arsy+Teo+Munraj) and then headed out for dinner. Dinner was SWELLL!!! the food there was great, too bad im no foodblogger, i dont really take pictures of the food before i eat them. We then had our post-dinner walk around the beach and headed back to rest n gamble.

    Day 2 and the Total Body Workout

    Pei Lin was the chief organizer, and so she also organised our trips and activities.
    So after breakfast, its to the virgin beach!! (wilzc: hmm lotsa virgins there ka? *drool*). And mode of transportation?? BICYCLE!!! hahahahaha

    The bicycle gang, frm left: KH, Munraj, Arsy, Yvonne, Teo, Peilin, Moi

    I was fine wif it, but Munraj was like... 'fuck you guyz, ur all athletes man, i havent ridden a bike since primary'. But all in the name of good sport, he went along the plan. And whoah!, we rode ACROSS the island on that... up and down the slopes of the narrow roads of the island. Took us some 30mins of pedalling before reaching our destination, well actually, we got lost and a cool pak cik guided us to our intended destination, which was inaccessible by bike. So?? we had to park our rides and start WALKING!! or should i say jungle trekking? And most of us were already tried asss!! Arsalan was sweating soo much his nose woulda been mistaken for a tap... and so bla bla bla we trekked our way into the jungle in hopes for findind this.. virgin... (wilzc: geez, tis one virgin playing hard to get man.. seriously..)
    Took us 20mins to get there and VIOLA!! an empty beach!! all to ourselves!!
    (wilzc: eh since its only us lets all make this a nudist colony *gets smacked in the head by pei lin*)

    Well anywayz we all couldnt wait to get wet and rushed into the water. I hastily applied my sunscreen lotion and ran in! (this would result in a bad bad, weird looking sunburn).

    The 3 guyz were high i swear... Arsalan jumped around, tripped on corals and fell down on more... he had several cuts all over and he came up to the rest n said 'eh, should i pee on my hands ar? the cuts are itching man'
    every1 else went like 'WTF?' (theres a belief saying that peeing on jelleyfish sting wounds would help reduce the pains). But anywayz, the sun then got a tad too hot, every1 retreated under the shades of the trees and started messing around wif sand.
    Arsalan dug his own 'poool' .. Teo wanted to get buried, so the rest helped out. Munraj was 'layaning' his joint. Yvonne toook refuge in arsy's pool. When the sun heated up even more, and the shades shortened and shrank, we packed up and began the exodus back to the penthouse before lunchtime.

    Me and My Dear Cousin

    Everybody being about their own bizness

    The 9ners


    Munraj doing his thinga magiks

    Arsalan with what would appear to be the start of his 'pool' construction

    Then every1 had their rope-swinging moment

    Teo got buried, and 'pimped up'

    Stroking the shaft

    The Missionary

    I improved the shaft, to something more... realistic (ps: had to cover Teo's face coz i ... think its getting waay to red from overexposure to the sun

    And finally, the sex change, and the pervert

    WilZC at 1:32 AM


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