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    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Do i look retarded?

    Day 3 and the trip home

    Well.. didnt really do much... Every1 went out to shop n get souvenirs..
    i slept the whole fucking morning.. woke up to find nobody..
    made my own bfast n went back to sleep... hahahaha...

    NOW!! for the trip back!! another 'fucked up bus adventure!!'
    we got to Lumut pretty fine and uneventful, got some random mamak lunch..
    then waited for the bus.. praying it wont be late again...
    AND well the bus was just 5mins late but the bus officers rushed us into the bus coz
    according to him the driver was running just a little late... so we quickly payed for our lunch and hurried onboard, arsalan was last to settle his food money AND...
    the bus left without him!! we we shouting at teh bus driver to CHILL man, its not like we're waiting for a friend!! i mean, HE's THERE!!! but .... well.. the fucktard was like.... 'tak leh saya dah lambat nih, siapa suruh dia tak naik cepat' and hit the pedals right away, leaving arsalan dumfounded at the bus station looking at us go (and of course, we looked pretty dumbfounded as well, watching him standing there as the bus sped on). I was cussing my lungs out... every1 was pissed and just really had a big 'WTF' moment. Finally, after calming down.. we found out that the bus will make another scheduled stop at another station 10mins from now so.. we got arsalan to grab a cab and quickly head there. Thankfully arsalan arrived in time to rejoin us.. (we were like 'man if the driver gonna leave again, we'll walk out before he does')... Arsalan was very pisssed off man.

    So after the arsalan drama i fell right asleep again wee.. only to be woken up by JPA officers who stopped the bus. Im like WTF?? wats going on??
    apparentlyla.. the bus driver is a retard.... he honks at every goddam car in front of him like a madman and speeds and overtakes cars like he's driving a kancil and so the JPJ patrols saw him and took action (kudos to the law enforcers).
    Judging from the facial expression and the mood of the driver, the officers musta whipped on some bigass punishment on him... and its all good.. arsalan got happier..
    And the bus driver drove... tamely... for the moment.. yet..
    before long.. u can hear the bus horn blowing again... really man.. retarded...

    Well as fucked up as the ride was, we got back to KL station pretty much in one piece.... strolled around and had dinner then every1 went back home...
    fun trip i guess....

    WilZC at 6:26 AM


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