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    Friday, March 09, 2007

    Day 2 and the Total Body Workout (continued)

    So we got back to our penthouse all in one piece.. tired as hell..
    having cycled to and fro from the beach, I arrived first at the penthouse, the others followed suit... and munraj arrived.. like.. 10mins later hahah.. he said he chilled on the way to smoke up or sumtin...
    Lunch was next, and we decided to use up Teo's supply of canned tunas.. he brought tons!!!!!!! hahaha
    then we had a brief respite... and prepared to head out to another beach for jet-skiiing, kayaking and the banana boat. Wont get too much visual coverage in this part coz .. its like extreme watersports... and camera's dont do well when theyre wet.....

    Some camwhoring moment before the activity commences!

    The jet ski session was swell!!! each and everyone of us had a jet ski, and so thats like 7 riders speeding towards the horizon.... HOWEVER!! my machine couldnt start and i was extremely dissapointed... yvonned offfered a ride on hers.. so i tagged along behind her... and then the gang sped off... yvonne felt my... vibes of discontention and thusly offered me the machine while she sat behind me :D. And i went 'hold me tightly, please' and ZOOOM!!!.. maaannn i went full throttle all the way!!! and those big waves hurt like hell !!! and it puts a strain on your ABDOMINAL MUSCLES!! coz uve gotta hold on to the handles tightly... (Ken Han had a sore ab after the ride). While it lasted, it was helluva fun, 6 machines riding the waves out to sea but then Arsalan's machine stopped working as well, and he got stranded in the middle of the sea.... Ken Han went back to shore for techinical support and lost his Oakley's to the winds and the waves on the way back (which btw, is the third sunglass casualty!, PeiLin lost her Esprit glasses in the jungle, and Arsy lost his chaplang 30buck glasses to the monkeys on the virgin beach when we were all wading). Munraj dissapeared into the horizon... Teo was having his 'siok sendiri time' and Pei Lin was 'cruising' at medium speed. I was still at full throttle, but i was really paranoid, i mean im strong enuff to hold onto the machine but i worry bout yvonne... so every few secs i'll check on her ahahhaha.

    The banana boat!! (ps: i was later rearranged to the back of the line for some reason :S)

    After the thrilling Jet Ski session, we hopped on the banana boat and went for spins!!! Our first round was freaking hilarious!!. We were tugged on by a speed boat, and the instructions were, when the driver signals us, every1 must let go the handles on the banana boat and hug themselves while he guides the boat for a sharp sharp U-Turn, to jerk and fling us all into the water. What happened was... teo.. at the helm... JUMPED before the turn happened, and every1 else followed suit..!!
    and i was at the tail end going 'wtf is going OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN' and got jerked realll hard into the water coz i couldnt see the signal and so was still holding on... The 2nd time around was cool tho... we all were prepared and did everything according to plan.. and fell like we supposed to... though.. me being.. last to fall again... flew really far.. and in mid air.. saw arsalan's head emerging from the waters and with my current flight course... i'd collide head on wif him so... without hesitating.. i palmed his head, pushed him down!! and hurdled over him!! later .. on dry land he was like 'WTF sum1 pushed me down again mann!!' and i was like 'errrrrr hehehehe'

    Soo... then we decided to turn the pace down.. and slowly kayak our ways tru the water. The teams were balanced and set... Teo, the strongest by far, would row with Munraj, who'd prefer to chill n smoke behind the kayak hahaha. I'd tag along wif the smallest in our gang, pei lin and yvonne would go wif ken han. Arsalan... well..
    he.. 'took kayak lessons' and decided to go solo on a smaller 'solo' kayak...
    I took the biggest, meanest looking oar.. and that didnt go too well!!! the broader oar blades would mean much more water resistance, and as we went on further, every stroke got heavier!! geez! Ken Han and Yvonne looked good as a tandem, and arsalan as well... and so the three of us headed to the nearest island...
    Team Teo-Munraj had a bit of a.. misfortune... and this is how i saw it..
    First time i looked back, they were rowing slowly, their coordination was in a disarray... 2nd time i looked back at them, their kayak appeared rather low on the water surface.... and the third time i looked back... i saw the bottom of the kayak, with 2 heads popping outta the water hahahahahahahahahah.... thankfully, a speedboat heading to the island as well tugged them along (the boat came to pick an indian couple up, arsalan saw the couples behind a rock, guy without his bottom, and the girl... giving hand!). Anywayz, we then rested on the cool small island and waded around its clear waters, and as we were about to leave, me and ken han cooked up a plan!, we wanted to steal away together in a kayak n leave the rest!! (because both of us working together would make a swift team) unfortunately... as we sped past the gang wading in the waters, Teo the behemoth... overturned us -_-' ahhaha. there goes our big escape. Sticking back to our orignal teams we headed back to shore. this time, arsalan wanted my bigass oar, with the same initial thought i had *big oar means more power and speed*... and he 'lauched' our kayaks and then lauched himself, but barely leaving the little island's waters, he capsized... and was alone and hapless!! me n pei lin, being rather swift this time coz i had a smaller .. faster oar. went back to help him back to shore for a relaunch!! ahahah and then after some time rowing.. he went like 'eh this fucking oar.. is killing my arms'
    And... 20mins later.. we reached shore.. tired.. really tired....

    So, in a day, we... walked and cycled around, working them legs...
    then jet-skiied and holding on to the banana boat to work out core and abdominal muscles, then kayaked our way to kill the arms.......

    Every1 was dead tired by the time we got home...

    Night shot after the activities. Note the hunching of me and Ken Han, pei lins tofu body and even the normally upright and square Teo... is with shoulders slouching down hahaha, tired lah tired!!

    This is the aftermath of... the sunburn...

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