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    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Hmm.. on a random weekend, ME!!.. Tina, Pei Lin, Nic and her friend Ashley headed
    to Williamstown for some beachy fun. T'was actually just a big .. group tanning session as we barely did anything else!!! just.. sun.. sun.. and more sun!!!
    So theres really.. nothing much to write on.... soo without further ado!!!

    The Beachy town, Williamstown

    All set and ready to burn in the sun!!

    From left: Nichola, Ashley, Tina and Pei Lin

    And i go 'geez why did i even bother tagging along in this trip?'

    To tan my WHITEY LEGS OF COURSE!!!

    Batman and Spongebob

    Teehee, my covert 'ass' shot

    Me and my darling cousin

    WilZC at 6:56 AM


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