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    Monday, March 05, 2007

    You turn 21!!!!!
    hmm... perhaps u'd prefer if.. i'd.. not 'feature' you in this place haha..
    meh i'll write u a testimonial instead..
    mehhh ive got fucking 10hours of class tommorrow... 8:30-10:30..
    MEH count on me skiping the first one :P....
    Meh i just got back from pei lin's house..
    meh i forgot to remind her of today :P
    meh i reminded her during the weekend when we went to the beach
    meh i have yet to beach around wif u :P
    meh we're both getting old :S
    meh being a 'man' is hard.. or rather... just.. tiring...
    meh ........ im suddenly soo distraught... i cant write..
    meh... u know.. i thought i was doing fine.. but... a cooled down coal...
    still lights up faster.. then the fresh ones from the box...
    and .. bleh.... sometimes i still get charred... but not to the core.. not to the core.....

    WilZC at 7:27 AM


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