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    Thursday, March 29, 2007

    Hmm, its been some time since ive done groceries :( ....
    and now that ive moved to a new place, away from Tina n Tracy, its time!!
    *sidenote: yeah i moved to 123 Drummond Street, and a post about it will come soon*
    But first... off we go! to Safeway (Woolworths in UK)
    I needed some supplies for my body, like soap and toothpaste.. and toilet paper..
    supplies for washing clothes.... and of course.. food. HOWEVER!, as my culinary repertoire isnt too elaborate... its gonna consist of simple things :D

    First section we'll see as we enter the supermarket is... the well....
    Fruits and Vege section!! and thus we'll skip the section coz.. well..
    Anything green isnt good for me :P

    So then we'll get to the erm.. section where they'll sell dips, gourmet cheese, pate and other.. weird things ppl use for light entrees or desserts.. Picked up a tub of Tasmanian Chicken Liver pate... peppered ... and these will do well to accompany
    my toast for breakfast....
    (i think ive gone through whats pate in an earlier post ages ago)

    Lamb cutlets, frenched

    Kangaroo Meat? anyone??

    Then off we go to the Meat and Poultry sect!!!
    hmmm hmm.. these are probably one of the only things i can cook from bottom up (as in from a RAW produce/product to a proper meal). This section is pretty big... but chances are.. i'll be looking at the different cuts for lamb or beef (ignoring the pork and chicken). Theres like a dozen different cuts on the shelf. My all time fav would be the lamb cutlets... (which are nicely cut portions of the lamb's ribs). However, as these are also the most expensive part of the lamb, normally.. we'd settle for the forequarter.. or the oyster cuts.... :(
    this particular occasion tho.. i bought KANGAROO!!! they taste great!! serious!!
    and almost NO FAT!!!

    Next Section!! the Freezer!!

    Frozen pies, quiches, fish fillets, pizzas, chips and wedges and.. well.. THE FROZEN WORLD!!.. its the bachelor's corner!! wooohoooo...

    and lets not forget some milk, Pura's, full cream...

    and cheddar cheese, spreads.. and...


    Well.. after that.. i wondered aimlessly around the lanes.. looking to add random stuffs into the shopping basket.. stuff like cereals... breakfast bars.. and some other indulgences...

    Kellogg's Crunchy Nut!! u can NEVER go wrong with this buy!! ahhaha...
    its the perfect cure for cravings to munch on sumtin after midnight!!!
    however... this time.. i saw another box.. another brand of cereal...

    Although a tad more expensive.. THIS... my friends.. is $6.50's worth of heaven on earth!!! I remmeber how back in malaysia i'd buy Post cereals, the mixed nuts ones ... and theyve got like bits of granola clusters in the mix??.. WELL??

    Before hitting the counter.. i encountered.. the... cookies and candies section!!

    Piles of chocs.. from bars, to balls, to easter eggs and bunnies!!

    Chuck the Tim Tams aside.. Quattro's taste soo much better!!

    Torn between the two.. ended up buying.. BOTH!! V(^_^)V

    Cadbury recently released a new line of chocs, the Eden, and the adverts on TV made them look sooooooooooo good... had to get them.. and well it turned out.. okaaay la..

    Then its time to pay up!
    Tina, who came along wif me to buy HER groceries.. kept calling me!!
    Shes done with her groceries and wonders where am i.... and whats keeping me :D

    WilZC at 4:59 AM


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