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    Thursday, March 29, 2007

    Hmm, its been some time since ive done groceries :( ....
    and now that ive moved to a new place, away from Tina n Tracy, its time!!
    *sidenote: yeah i moved to 123 Drummond Street, and a post about it will come soon*
    But first... off we go! to Safeway (Woolworths in UK)
    I needed some supplies for my body, like soap and toothpaste.. and toilet paper..
    supplies for washing clothes.... and of course.. food. HOWEVER!, as my culinary repertoire isnt too elaborate... its gonna consist of simple things :D

    First section we'll see as we enter the supermarket is... the well....
    Fruits and Vege section!! and thus we'll skip the section coz.. well..
    Anything green isnt good for me :P

    So then we'll get to the erm.. section where they'll sell dips, gourmet cheese, pate and other.. weird things ppl use for light entrees or desserts.. Picked up a tub of Tasmanian Chicken Liver pate... peppered ... and these will do well to accompany
    my toast for breakfast....
    (i think ive gone through whats pate in an earlier post ages ago)

    Lamb cutlets, frenched

    Kangaroo Meat? anyone??

    Then off we go to the Meat and Poultry sect!!!
    hmmm hmm.. these are probably one of the only things i can cook from bottom up (as in from a RAW produce/product to a proper meal). This section is pretty big... but chances are.. i'll be looking at the different cuts for lamb or beef (ignoring the pork and chicken). Theres like a dozen different cuts on the shelf. My all time fav would be the lamb cutlets... (which are nicely cut portions of the lamb's ribs). However, as these are also the most expensive part of the lamb, normally.. we'd settle for the forequarter.. or the oyster cuts.... :(
    this particular occasion tho.. i bought KANGAROO!!! they taste great!! serious!!
    and almost NO FAT!!!

    Next Section!! the Freezer!!

    Frozen pies, quiches, fish fillets, pizzas, chips and wedges and.. well.. THE FROZEN WORLD!!.. its the bachelor's corner!! wooohoooo...

    and lets not forget some milk, Pura's, full cream...

    and cheddar cheese, spreads.. and...


    Well.. after that.. i wondered aimlessly around the lanes.. looking to add random stuffs into the shopping basket.. stuff like cereals... breakfast bars.. and some other indulgences...

    Kellogg's Crunchy Nut!! u can NEVER go wrong with this buy!! ahhaha...
    its the perfect cure for cravings to munch on sumtin after midnight!!!
    however... this time.. i saw another box.. another brand of cereal...

    Although a tad more expensive.. THIS... my friends.. is $6.50's worth of heaven on earth!!! I remmeber how back in malaysia i'd buy Post cereals, the mixed nuts ones ... and theyve got like bits of granola clusters in the mix??.. WELL??

    Before hitting the counter.. i encountered.. the... cookies and candies section!!

    Piles of chocs.. from bars, to balls, to easter eggs and bunnies!!

    Chuck the Tim Tams aside.. Quattro's taste soo much better!!

    Torn between the two.. ended up buying.. BOTH!! V(^_^)V

    Cadbury recently released a new line of chocs, the Eden, and the adverts on TV made them look sooooooooooo good... had to get them.. and well it turned out.. okaaay la..

    Then its time to pay up!
    Tina, who came along wif me to buy HER groceries.. kept calling me!!
    Shes done with her groceries and wonders where am i.... and whats keeping me :D

    WilZC at 4:59 AM


    Friday, March 23, 2007

    I've been watching your world from afar
    I've been trying to be where you are
    And I've been secretly falling apart
    To me, you're strange and you're beautiful
    You'd be so perfect with me
    But you just can't see
    You turn every head but you don't see me

    I'll put a spell on you
    You fall asleep
    And I put a spell on you
    And when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see
    And you'll realise that you love me

    Sometimes the last thing you want comes in first
    Sometimes the first thing you want never comes
    But I know that waiting is all you can do

    I'll put a spell on you
    You fall asleep
    I'll put a spell on you
    And when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see
    And you'll realise that you love me

    I'll put a spell on you
    You fall asleep
    Cause I put a spell on you
    And when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see
    And you'll realise that you love me, yeah

    WilZC at 8:32 PM


    Monday, March 19, 2007

    latefate-lyfy.. thingfings havefav beenfeen finefine wifif mefee...
    Ifi havefav pickdfickd thefhe shatfhatterdferd piefie-cesfes offof myfy-selfelf upfup
    andfand carfarriedfied onfon.. andfand wasfas doingfoing prefrettyffy wellfell iffif ifi dofoo sayfay myfyselffelf..
    unfuntilfil tofonightfight.... andfand ifi cantfant helpfelp butfut askfask whyfy....
    owhfowh andfand tashfashnafa whyfy arefar youfuu notfot onfon whenfhen ifi needfeed youfuu tofoo befe! :(

    WHY??!?!?! V(^_^)V

    after some reallly dark n gloomy emo months.. i finally got immune to this 'feeling'
    almost ignoring it... although i know its presence is still there...
    i just somehow... learnt to live with it.. to bear it... and neglect it..
    but now.. the 'scource' comes questioning.... WHY? why have i .. or why am i..
    somehow.. living life as if nothing of thoose sorts ever happened...
    as if i have erased them from memory.... (but really, i was just ignoring those memories, and soldiering on)

    and when i told 'it' they werent forgotten, just ignored.... and no longer an issue... 'it' says that there is no longer a point discussing about this...
    since i no longer care... since its a once sided affair...

    and things were left... 'hanging'

    After talking it over wif E ... it would appear that .. the best.. course of action.. for me now.. is to not .. do anything..
    and continue living life as i have..... my door is alwayz open....
    come in if u will... but expect me naught to usher thee in....


    WilZC at 9:27 AM


    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Hmm.. on a random weekend, ME!!.. Tina, Pei Lin, Nic and her friend Ashley headed
    to Williamstown for some beachy fun. T'was actually just a big .. group tanning session as we barely did anything else!!! just.. sun.. sun.. and more sun!!!
    So theres really.. nothing much to write on.... soo without further ado!!!

    The Beachy town, Williamstown

    All set and ready to burn in the sun!!

    From left: Nichola, Ashley, Tina and Pei Lin

    And i go 'geez why did i even bother tagging along in this trip?'

    To tan my WHITEY LEGS OF COURSE!!!

    Batman and Spongebob

    Teehee, my covert 'ass' shot

    Me and my darling cousin

    WilZC at 6:56 AM


    Do i look retarded?

    Day 3 and the trip home

    Well.. didnt really do much... Every1 went out to shop n get souvenirs..
    i slept the whole fucking morning.. woke up to find nobody..
    made my own bfast n went back to sleep... hahahaha...

    NOW!! for the trip back!! another 'fucked up bus adventure!!'
    we got to Lumut pretty fine and uneventful, got some random mamak lunch..
    then waited for the bus.. praying it wont be late again...
    AND well the bus was just 5mins late but the bus officers rushed us into the bus coz
    according to him the driver was running just a little late... so we quickly payed for our lunch and hurried onboard, arsalan was last to settle his food money AND...
    the bus left without him!! we we shouting at teh bus driver to CHILL man, its not like we're waiting for a friend!! i mean, HE's THERE!!! but .... well.. the fucktard was like.... 'tak leh saya dah lambat nih, siapa suruh dia tak naik cepat' and hit the pedals right away, leaving arsalan dumfounded at the bus station looking at us go (and of course, we looked pretty dumbfounded as well, watching him standing there as the bus sped on). I was cussing my lungs out... every1 was pissed and just really had a big 'WTF' moment. Finally, after calming down.. we found out that the bus will make another scheduled stop at another station 10mins from now so.. we got arsalan to grab a cab and quickly head there. Thankfully arsalan arrived in time to rejoin us.. (we were like 'man if the driver gonna leave again, we'll walk out before he does')... Arsalan was very pisssed off man.

    So after the arsalan drama i fell right asleep again wee.. only to be woken up by JPA officers who stopped the bus. Im like WTF?? wats going on??
    apparentlyla.. the bus driver is a retard.... he honks at every goddam car in front of him like a madman and speeds and overtakes cars like he's driving a kancil and so the JPJ patrols saw him and took action (kudos to the law enforcers).
    Judging from the facial expression and the mood of the driver, the officers musta whipped on some bigass punishment on him... and its all good.. arsalan got happier..
    And the bus driver drove... tamely... for the moment.. yet..
    before long.. u can hear the bus horn blowing again... really man.. retarded...

    Well as fucked up as the ride was, we got back to KL station pretty much in one piece.... strolled around and had dinner then every1 went back home...
    fun trip i guess....

    WilZC at 6:26 AM


    Friday, March 09, 2007

    Got bored... tinkered around with more template stuff...
    linked new friends.. and will personally inform them of my actions soon...
    made a new 'Clicks and Links' segment..
    and resized my main body width to accomodota 640pixel wide pics..

    WilZC at 10:14 AM


    Day 2 and the Total Body Workout (continued)

    So we got back to our penthouse all in one piece.. tired as hell..
    having cycled to and fro from the beach, I arrived first at the penthouse, the others followed suit... and munraj arrived.. like.. 10mins later hahah.. he said he chilled on the way to smoke up or sumtin...
    Lunch was next, and we decided to use up Teo's supply of canned tunas.. he brought tons!!!!!!! hahaha
    then we had a brief respite... and prepared to head out to another beach for jet-skiiing, kayaking and the banana boat. Wont get too much visual coverage in this part coz .. its like extreme watersports... and camera's dont do well when theyre wet.....

    Some camwhoring moment before the activity commences!

    The jet ski session was swell!!! each and everyone of us had a jet ski, and so thats like 7 riders speeding towards the horizon.... HOWEVER!! my machine couldnt start and i was extremely dissapointed... yvonned offfered a ride on hers.. so i tagged along behind her... and then the gang sped off... yvonne felt my... vibes of discontention and thusly offered me the machine while she sat behind me :D. And i went 'hold me tightly, please' and ZOOOM!!!.. maaannn i went full throttle all the way!!! and those big waves hurt like hell !!! and it puts a strain on your ABDOMINAL MUSCLES!! coz uve gotta hold on to the handles tightly... (Ken Han had a sore ab after the ride). While it lasted, it was helluva fun, 6 machines riding the waves out to sea but then Arsalan's machine stopped working as well, and he got stranded in the middle of the sea.... Ken Han went back to shore for techinical support and lost his Oakley's to the winds and the waves on the way back (which btw, is the third sunglass casualty!, PeiLin lost her Esprit glasses in the jungle, and Arsy lost his chaplang 30buck glasses to the monkeys on the virgin beach when we were all wading). Munraj dissapeared into the horizon... Teo was having his 'siok sendiri time' and Pei Lin was 'cruising' at medium speed. I was still at full throttle, but i was really paranoid, i mean im strong enuff to hold onto the machine but i worry bout yvonne... so every few secs i'll check on her ahahhaha.

    The banana boat!! (ps: i was later rearranged to the back of the line for some reason :S)

    After the thrilling Jet Ski session, we hopped on the banana boat and went for spins!!! Our first round was freaking hilarious!!. We were tugged on by a speed boat, and the instructions were, when the driver signals us, every1 must let go the handles on the banana boat and hug themselves while he guides the boat for a sharp sharp U-Turn, to jerk and fling us all into the water. What happened was... teo.. at the helm... JUMPED before the turn happened, and every1 else followed suit..!!
    and i was at the tail end going 'wtf is going OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN' and got jerked realll hard into the water coz i couldnt see the signal and so was still holding on... The 2nd time around was cool tho... we all were prepared and did everything according to plan.. and fell like we supposed to... though.. me being.. last to fall again... flew really far.. and in mid air.. saw arsalan's head emerging from the waters and with my current flight course... i'd collide head on wif him so... without hesitating.. i palmed his head, pushed him down!! and hurdled over him!! later .. on dry land he was like 'WTF sum1 pushed me down again mann!!' and i was like 'errrrrr hehehehe'

    Soo... then we decided to turn the pace down.. and slowly kayak our ways tru the water. The teams were balanced and set... Teo, the strongest by far, would row with Munraj, who'd prefer to chill n smoke behind the kayak hahaha. I'd tag along wif the smallest in our gang, pei lin and yvonne would go wif ken han. Arsalan... well..
    he.. 'took kayak lessons' and decided to go solo on a smaller 'solo' kayak...
    I took the biggest, meanest looking oar.. and that didnt go too well!!! the broader oar blades would mean much more water resistance, and as we went on further, every stroke got heavier!! geez! Ken Han and Yvonne looked good as a tandem, and arsalan as well... and so the three of us headed to the nearest island...
    Team Teo-Munraj had a bit of a.. misfortune... and this is how i saw it..
    First time i looked back, they were rowing slowly, their coordination was in a disarray... 2nd time i looked back at them, their kayak appeared rather low on the water surface.... and the third time i looked back... i saw the bottom of the kayak, with 2 heads popping outta the water hahahahahahahahahah.... thankfully, a speedboat heading to the island as well tugged them along (the boat came to pick an indian couple up, arsalan saw the couples behind a rock, guy without his bottom, and the girl... giving hand!). Anywayz, we then rested on the cool small island and waded around its clear waters, and as we were about to leave, me and ken han cooked up a plan!, we wanted to steal away together in a kayak n leave the rest!! (because both of us working together would make a swift team) unfortunately... as we sped past the gang wading in the waters, Teo the behemoth... overturned us -_-' ahhaha. there goes our big escape. Sticking back to our orignal teams we headed back to shore. this time, arsalan wanted my bigass oar, with the same initial thought i had *big oar means more power and speed*... and he 'lauched' our kayaks and then lauched himself, but barely leaving the little island's waters, he capsized... and was alone and hapless!! me n pei lin, being rather swift this time coz i had a smaller .. faster oar. went back to help him back to shore for a relaunch!! ahahah and then after some time rowing.. he went like 'eh this fucking oar.. is killing my arms'
    And... 20mins later.. we reached shore.. tired.. really tired....

    So, in a day, we... walked and cycled around, working them legs...
    then jet-skiied and holding on to the banana boat to work out core and abdominal muscles, then kayaked our way to kill the arms.......

    Every1 was dead tired by the time we got home...

    Night shot after the activities. Note the hunching of me and Ken Han, pei lins tofu body and even the normally upright and square Teo... is with shoulders slouching down hahaha, tired lah tired!!

    This is the aftermath of... the sunburn...

    WilZC at 5:16 AM


    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    My fav pair of thongs enjoying the beach as well (pun intended)

    Hmmm.... first of... well the trip happened some time ago hahaha..
    procrastinated till now... man im such a bigass procrastinator i procrastinate my procrastinations....
    so off we go to pangkor for the weekend and some!!!

    The Ride North, and Day 1

    Well.. first of all.. Pudu Bus Station is like BULLSHIT!!!
    my bum fluffs(ass hair) are more organized then those ppl!!..
    i mean.. well see our ride was scheduled to go at 12:30, but then it got 'delayed' to 1:30. And the 1:30 bus never did turn up so we waited....
    I snooped around, talking to the disgruntled fellow passengers and found out that the 12:30 bus never existed, coz we were the only fellas scheduled for the 12:30 bus.. BUT ANYWAYZ, after 3 hours waiting underneath the station, at the exhaust filled bus-docks, our bus finally arrived... Geez the wait was unhealthy man i swear one hour of exposure to those kinda noxious fumes could kill!!! and we had 3!!!
    Cant rmemeber much about the rest of the journey.. slept all d way....

    Upon arrival at Lumut ferry docks, we were off to get ferry tickets, and an Italian couple and their son tagged along wif us coz they were rather lost. Then this dude then came to us and offered us 8dollar ticks, and he said those were adequately priced.. but we were like 'this dude.. really dodgey man' and so we turned down his offfer n got the real tickets from the real counters. And they looked waaay different from the ones the first dude tried to sell us!! Imagine what woulda happened to the Italians if they werent with us? connned!! WELCOME TO MALAYSIA!!

    Ferry Shot

    Aih after all that delay and drama, we finally arrived at our 'penthouse'. Groundfloor penthouse that is.... hahaha. Unpacked, rested a bit, settled the sleeping arrangements(Me+KenHan, Peilin+Yvonne, Arsy+Teo+Munraj) and then headed out for dinner. Dinner was SWELLL!!! the food there was great, too bad im no foodblogger, i dont really take pictures of the food before i eat them. We then had our post-dinner walk around the beach and headed back to rest n gamble.

    Day 2 and the Total Body Workout

    Pei Lin was the chief organizer, and so she also organised our trips and activities.
    So after breakfast, its to the virgin beach!! (wilzc: hmm lotsa virgins there ka? *drool*). And mode of transportation?? BICYCLE!!! hahahahaha

    The bicycle gang, frm left: KH, Munraj, Arsy, Yvonne, Teo, Peilin, Moi

    I was fine wif it, but Munraj was like... 'fuck you guyz, ur all athletes man, i havent ridden a bike since primary'. But all in the name of good sport, he went along the plan. And whoah!, we rode ACROSS the island on that... up and down the slopes of the narrow roads of the island. Took us some 30mins of pedalling before reaching our destination, well actually, we got lost and a cool pak cik guided us to our intended destination, which was inaccessible by bike. So?? we had to park our rides and start WALKING!! or should i say jungle trekking? And most of us were already tried asss!! Arsalan was sweating soo much his nose woulda been mistaken for a tap... and so bla bla bla we trekked our way into the jungle in hopes for findind this.. virgin... (wilzc: geez, tis one virgin playing hard to get man.. seriously..)
    Took us 20mins to get there and VIOLA!! an empty beach!! all to ourselves!!
    (wilzc: eh since its only us lets all make this a nudist colony *gets smacked in the head by pei lin*)

    Well anywayz we all couldnt wait to get wet and rushed into the water. I hastily applied my sunscreen lotion and ran in! (this would result in a bad bad, weird looking sunburn).

    The 3 guyz were high i swear... Arsalan jumped around, tripped on corals and fell down on more... he had several cuts all over and he came up to the rest n said 'eh, should i pee on my hands ar? the cuts are itching man'
    every1 else went like 'WTF?' (theres a belief saying that peeing on jelleyfish sting wounds would help reduce the pains). But anywayz, the sun then got a tad too hot, every1 retreated under the shades of the trees and started messing around wif sand.
    Arsalan dug his own 'poool' .. Teo wanted to get buried, so the rest helped out. Munraj was 'layaning' his joint. Yvonne toook refuge in arsy's pool. When the sun heated up even more, and the shades shortened and shrank, we packed up and began the exodus back to the penthouse before lunchtime.

    Me and My Dear Cousin

    Everybody being about their own bizness

    The 9ners


    Munraj doing his thinga magiks

    Arsalan with what would appear to be the start of his 'pool' construction

    Then every1 had their rope-swinging moment

    Teo got buried, and 'pimped up'

    Stroking the shaft

    The Missionary

    I improved the shaft, to something more... realistic (ps: had to cover Teo's face coz i ... think its getting waay to red from overexposure to the sun

    And finally, the sex change, and the pervert

    WilZC at 1:32 AM


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