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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    - Sooo.. Martin Scorsese FINALLY won an Oscar!!!.. and sadly it isnt even Best Director!! he got the 'Lifetime Achievement' award (or rather the 'aiyah kasi lu chan la , i bagi u hadiah juga' award). Love hollywood!! If ya'll dont know who Mr Scorcese is, he da man behind movies such as Gangs of New York (my fav amongst his), The Aviator, The Departed, The Goodfellas and many more great feature film pieces..
    He's also know for the overuse of mr Leo Dicaprio.

    Note: This blurt has been suspended pending further investigation

    - Friendster's new layout is abit weirdla!! i want the old one back!!!
    its soo hard to whore up now that i no longer bother!! ahhaha

    - V-Day was supposed to be rather busy for me, but i ended up not going for a lunch meet, and cancelled my dinner meets and ended up shopping with my first love..
    my momma!! we bought me boxers!! wooooohoooo!!!
    i would put them on and take pictures and post them here but on 2nd thought, it would not be appropriate for me to do so...

    - Driving back to Penang 2moro!1 sienlaaaaa, what am i gonna do there?!?!
    at least ive got portable internet, and a notebook, and a blog hahaha

    - Was quite emo earlier this evening and started listening to some songs and ARGH!!!

    Don't know why I'm still afraid
    If you weren't real I would make you up
    I wish that I could follow through
    I know that your love is true
    And deep
    As the sea

    But right now
    Everything you want is wrong,
    And right now
    All your dreams are waking up,
    And right now
    I wish I could follow you
    To the shores
    Of freedom,
    Where no one lives.

    Remember when we first met
    And everything was still a bet
    In love's game
    You would call; I'd call you back
    And then I'd leave
    A message
    On your answering machine

    But right now
    Everything is turning blue,

    - Ive actually got much more to blurt out! but.. procrastination (even with blogging now!) killed them

    WilZC at 9:54 AM


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