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    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    First One:
    went to bangsar today n got a (or rather forced to get one by my mum) a haircut
    @ a cut above!! its a whoppping 45bucks AND
    its disasterous!!!! GG!!!!!!
    i wish i took a befre/after pic but.. im not a well equipped photoblogger :(
    farewell wld lion mane :(
    hello .. err.. well.. schoolboy cut...
    sadness, and i was hanging out wif my pals and they were like
    OMG!!! what happened to ur hair!! its sooo bad! i look soo much better with the mane.
    (and they were complaining i need a haircut previously)
    and some were even joking that i wouldnt be wanted in the pictures we're gonna be taking in Pangkor this weekend.

    The Second:
    FATTY ME!!!
    After the haircut i strolled around n dropped by a celeb-fitness booth to flirt around with thoose skinny girls and talkabout sex.. err i mean.. health and fitness... they coerced me to perform a.... bodyfat% test.. and....
    OWH MY GOD!!! i have 16% bodyfat!!! holy crap? i mean well according to her thats still healthy but.. i used to be under 10%!!! nowonder my err.. assets arent as visible as before :(.. sigh sigh.. its back to the training room (in my case, just my roomla, i've never been to a proper gym ever!)
    sigh.. 16%... (16.8 actually but .8 is negligible isnt it? :P)

    yes yes.. me n a handful of my buddies heading to pangkor for tommorow and the rest of the weekend!
    personally, not expecting much, (as in not expecting sun sea sand and boobies)
    just good ol laidback times with the close buddies...
    wont even expect too much action from that!
    pei lin has her *cough* period *cough*
    i have back and ankle problems...
    arsalan would be happy all the time
    so will munraj :P
    but happy is goood, mebbe we'll all just get happy V(^_^)V

    WilZC at 10:14 AM


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