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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    to be more specific... Poh Kong @ Subang Parade...
    as i am loath to plagiarize... the full story and pics can be found here at
    or a less detailed report @ the Star newspaper

    but wow.. this must be one of the bigger theft news ive heard in malaysia in years..
    i mean.. 50++ bullet casings? M16 assault rifles?
    wah these robbers... thoose guns and bullets they used.. are worth more then the 11 trays they got from Poh Kong la sohaiz...
    but to think that... the robbers had the arms... and the backup cars waiting with assault rifles covering their escape, these dudes must have some backing from an organisation!
    woohooo !

    that said... rest in peace to the 2 guards who died in the process.. one got the 'boom headshot' and thats GG wan, confirm! so its ok, dont blame the lag or mouse sensativity...
    the other got torso fragged, mebbe its coz they were outnumbered...
    5 armed robbers against 2 guards? victory for the dark side is inevitable...
    they should have just surrendered... u dont get to respawn in real life dudes..
    as for the 1 robber who died.... well.. GG noob!
    stick together la.. smart ass went to do a solo raid on tonmei when his 4 comrads hit poh kong..
    its not like he had a para or sumtin, he had.. a revolver!!

    as for the guards, .. haihz.. they arent really trained pros..
    i mean.. look at em! they probably havent seen any action since assaulting a stray monkey trying to steal food from their rubbish bin 10years ago!
    what are the chances they would prevail against such... odds....
    coulda surrendered.. shoulda surrendered....

    now.. will the thugs hit another shop again soon?
    or will the gov crack them down?
    smile and wave boyz.. smile and waaaave...

    logging out: Terrorist Win! (round1)

    WilZC at 2:00 AM


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