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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    FACT: The apocalypse has come. All are dead. You never should've asked her out.
    The Last Man on Earth
    Random Brutal Sex Dreamer (RBSDm)

    Shit, rejected again. You are The Last Man on Earth.

    Sorry, but most women would rather see the human species wither to an end--and therefore deny the most fundamental instinct that living creatures have--than sleep with you.

    We've learned the following: you don't think things through. You're haphazard. You're dangerous. You're somewhat inexperienced. It's totally obvious that you're a horny bugger, as well. Everybody knows that and steers clear.

    To top things off, when you do find your way into a relationship, you tend to be a dick somewhere down the line and fuck it all up.

    Your exact opposite:
    The Gentleman

    Deliberate Gentle Love Master
    There's a small, but negligible, chance we're wrong. In any case, your friends find your shit hilarious. There's nothing cooler than a dude reducing himself to human rubble.

    ALWAYS AVOID: The Sonnet

    CONSIDER: Half-Cocked, The Nymph

    Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
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    WilZC at 11:06 PM


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