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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Hmm update eh? ive got lots la, on CNY and on my trip to Pangkor BUT.... im still awaiting pictures and the apropriate time.(u know, the right time, like sometimes when u dont have the 'blogging spark' u just cant blog!)
    However, i recently got some pics of my xmas day dinner so i'll just post them instead for some outdated updates....

    My family!

    My family with horny me!

    Third attempt at some family camwhoring got interrupted.... Eu Joe (not sure if its the right spelling) is some attention-whore!

    Some random group picture

    And another!

    The attention-whore strikes again....

    All the prezzies!! (theres actually some more on the table to the left, but we've got no wide angle camera around)

    The maids!

    Zoey wants some solo camwhoring session (of course, kids below 12 need adult supervision)

    after all that camwhoring! its OPEN PREZZIE TIME!!! *snickers*

    And now let the feasting begin!

    Then i wrapped up Christmas day by spending the rest of the evening upstairs wif my hot belle *cough nadia cough*

    WilZC at 10:36 AM


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