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    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Dear me, i never knew diamonds could be soooooooooo expensive!!
    i thought well, we got tina a diamond necklace, it was 1.2k, big deal.
    BUT! those are like asswipe ones :P.. i mean compared to the ones i was introduced to today!
    Genuine, certified South African diamonds! i mean, a bracelet of say 20 diamonds .. caviar sized ones(sorry cant think of any other thing that size atm) cost a whopping 300k!!
    and my mum went 'so, when are u gonna get me one of these?' and i said, 'well, i'll buy u a brand new car instead :D '
    and in the class shelf, theres this other choker, a thickass choker probably 2 inches thick with diamonds everywhere. I dont wanna know how much that thing is...
    as i exited the shop, i nudged the guard and said 'baru baru nih, makin stress kan jadi guard cam nih :D' and he smiled back (though im sure in the back of his mind he thought about pumping a round or two shotgun shells up my candy ass)

    The Celebrity fitness ads... preposterous!!!
    that girl .. in the add.... shes.. just.. not fit enough!!
    shes ultra thin and weak!!!!
    her arms are skin, bones and fat... or just.. whatever fat left of her skinny arms
    (with terribly unfit underarms)
    her tummy, was well.. not even flat, its just again, skinny without a trace of muscle, just some leftover fats and skin!!!
    and her legs are plain old stick-like things.
    i wouldnt even wanna comment on my fav part of a women, the arse, and her gluteus maximus is... non-existant....
    shes just some pretty faced girl (i wonder if shes a celeb, coz well, i couldnt recognise her, then again, i wont recognize ella on the streets anyway)

    Gotta do ssumtin bout my face, pimples are popping up in numbers every fucking day!!
    aARGH!! its scarring meeeeee!!

    ive been doing fine i guess....
    trying to forcibly reduce the influence and importance of a particular someone
    outta my inner self without actually removing her existance from my life....
    (actually for the moment i am actually kinda removing all existance)
    but somehow.. someway.. something is starting to bother me, and im loosing focus again...... i suppose this all has something related so someday....
    some v-ish day...
    ARGH!! not that it matters anyway, this is too insignificant....

    and finally, heres a random picture so that this read wont turn out too dull V(^_^)V

    WilZC at 10:28 AM


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