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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    cant wait cant wait!!...
    Here are the starting line-ups for the main game

    F – LeBron James, Cleveland
    F – Chris Bosh, Toronto
    C – Shaquille O’Neal, Miami
    G – Dwyane Wade, Miami
    G – Gilbert Arenas, Washington

    F – Kevin Garnett, Minnesota
    F – Tim Duncan, San Antonio
    C – Yao Ming, Houston
    G – Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers
    G – Tracy McGrady, Houston

    And the super-fun Dunk Contest participants

    Nate's Winner

    1. Nate Robinson, 5'10" (Knicks) - Goddam shorty, no idea how he won last years dunkfest, he tried a million times before getting one of his flashy dunks down... though, he is really athletic and well build, i mean he is below 6foot tall!

    2. Dwight Howard, 6'11" (Magic)- Are you fucking serious? D-How's a monster!! he wont be putting much flair in his dunks, but this dude is HUGE and POWERFULL, and just sooo athletic!! Expect 'OOOO' and 'AHHHH' when he dunks..

    3. Gerald Green, 6'8" (Celtics)- Some lanky dude from Boston, thin, lanky and athletic, he'll be the guy to watch. I doubt he'll put up a masterpiece but he'd do well i suppose.

    4. Tyrus Thomas, 6'9" (Bulls)- Who the fuck is this dude?

    Hmm... this year's lineup for the dunkfest is really tall, i mean, 3/4 are over 6'8" ?, hmmmmmm? expect less arial action, more power i suppose. And i wonder when will king James try out for the dunk crown.

    The 3-Point Shootout Shooters

    Dirk, Defending Champ

    Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks) - Last year's champ, fucking 7foot guy who can shoot!

    Gilbert Arenas (Wizards) - Arenas can score from anywhere on the court! and is a decent enuff trey shooter yet i suppose he's more of a scorer then a shooter.

    Damon Jones (Cavaliers) - Jones pisses me off sometimes in games, coz he just fucking shoots the 3pointers all the fucking time!! trigger happy looser...

    Jason Kapono (Heat) - Roleplayer who gets very little play time, he does abit of everything, and shoots the long ball when necessary, with a hit rate of .559, he's gonna be pretty sharp.

    Mike Miller (Grizzeys)- A well known shooter, and he's WHITE! white guys shoot better!! :P

    Jason Terry (Mavericks) - Can shoot the 3point ball. Wont win the competition.

    Here are some goodie pics (All pictures courtesy of NBA.com)

    Yao showing Shaq the hook

    Shaq says 'Get outta my way'

    Air Canada

    Kobe Bryant

    AI2's sick dunk from behind

    Quote 'I dont believe it, I just saw man fly!'

    Air WilZC

    WilZC at 10:28 AM


    Yes, I know the count is pathetic
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