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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    BLARGH!!! CNY celebrations + no astro back at 'kampung'!
    and so i missed my third straight All Star Weekend :(
    but still, thanx to the internet, ive updated myself with the winners, and more importantly the highlights and happenings of that weekend.
    Here's my recap

    Dunk Competition - This year's dunk contest isnt the best one, in fact, FAR from it, even when compared with the previous, '06 and '05 year's show. The guy i tagged as the 'guy to watch' won it, Mr. Gerald Green from Boston. Not too exciting but i guess, enough to win i suppose. Big Howard did well but not enough, Nate like he was dunking without passion and who the fuck is Tyrus Thomas remained who the fuck is tyrus thomas.

    3 Point Shootout - Didnt catch the highlights and replays for this event, cant be bothered. White dude Jason Kapono won it, his final round tally was 24/30 points.. which is kinda cool i suppose (not sure how many he hit, money balls are worth double)

    All Star Game - West pissed all over the East. Kobe was in great shape, sharp and cutting the lanes like hot knife through butter, and thus won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award of the day. The East team looked lethargic and lost. Shaq looks like he has difficulties moving on court, played point guard(some sorta ritual for him), danced all over the floor during halftime and missed a point blank dunk. King James forced most of his shots like always and D.Wade looked reeaaallly tired.

    More fun with pictures! (again, all media taken from NBA.com)

    Nate flew again, but sadly not high enough this year

    D.Howard is like super atheltic. He's 6'11" 260pounds and he can go this high?
    i bet 6'7" Peter Crouch of Liverpool can even hurdle my footlong penis..

    Enuff of the dunkers, Introducing the judges for the dunk contest!
    Note: each and every 1 of the judges can and have dunked far better then this year's contestants
    From left (with the year they won the contest in brackets) : Kobe Bryant (1997), Vince Carter (2000), Dominique Wilkins (1985, 1990), Dr. Julius Erving (first ever winner), and His Airness Michael Jordan (1987, 1988)

    With all the hype and action on court, the camera crew spotted some familiar faces off court!

    Its California's Gov'nor! Mr Schwarzenegger!

    Since Tony Parker is a part of the game, his belle *cough nadia cough* Eva decided to get another date(Prince), thankfully its only some gay looking guy so Parker shouldnt feel too insecure.

    Toni looks hot! esp for a mother over 40!! :D (but her fashion sense is down the drain i suppose, urgh the hair...)

    Waterboy Adam Sandler decided to sit amongst the crowd

    WilZC at 4:48 AM


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