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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Firstly, in like 19 years of my intellectual life (apparently i spent my first 2 years as a cute yet unintellectual baby) ive ALWAYZ wondered why FEBRUARY is spelt FEBRUARY!! when its mostly pronunced FEBUARY!!

    that said...
    this one saturday has been hectic yet fantastic!
    met up wif.. err a high school accquaintance Jen at the train station then went to Sg. Wang early in teh.... wait no, just before midday. We attended this... 'bloggers' meet there. (the annual BIG BLOGGERS MEET)
    well.. its basically a congregation of camwhores but twas okaayla...
    met some few ppl .. and.. well..
    actually.. for some reason i could not bring my extrovert self to surface, preferring to lean back behind the shadows and observe human nature.. as ive alwayz done when im 'lazy' or 'not motivated' to mingle..... but still.. there are people friendly enuff .. and easy going enuff for me to .... 'interact' with even in such an introverted state. These are the ones that u'll see temporarily populating my chatbox for a short while.
    actually.. ish.. a more elaborate coverage on the event can be found at
    Jen's site...or Yeehou's site.. or actually just any random new posters on the chatterbox...

    Me n Jen, dammit her smallish camera was enuff to reveal.. my unpleasant.. facial.. problems..

    Moving on... i lingered around abit in PJ till 7 before heading to KL once more to attend miss Christina Chan's 21st birthday!... for all of u who are unware of our relationship, shes my roomate of 2 years! and counting! and a personal friend of mine.. for about a third of my young life...
    The party is at some jazz club called Cotton Club, and its a formal occasion thus...
    every1 should be looking good :P

    before i elaborate further.. SERIOUSLY MALAYSIAN WORKERS SUCK ASS!!! i mean.. when we got to the shopping mall where the club is located, we have no idea where is this Cotton Club so i approached the mak cik security.. and
    me: m'cik, tumpang tanyer, cotton club nih kat mane?
    guard: ooo, kat tingkat 5, kena naik lif
    me: t'ma kasih
    so we proceeded up the lift, we ended up ... at the car park!!! and no cotton club in sight!! goddamit?
    so we called a friend (coz me, arsalan, joel and kh were brilliant enuff NOT to bring our invites) and it said g-11 which is teh ground floor!! so we grumbled all our way down to G and looked around the place where the lot11 should be and nothing, so we asked a Guess? girl, she said its just right upstairs after the escalator! lvl2 now eh!! we're like wtf???!?!? so we went up stairs and did found cotton club, but apparently la... we're suppose to.. enter from.. downstairs...... brilliant.... ..

    So anywayz yada yada yada went in, hugged bday girl, gave her prezzies, waited for the rest to arrive and let the partay commence!!
    (note: claireesa, gorgeous as ever, MICHELLE! getting taller dammit!!, melvin hasnt changed)
    food first of course, and that was when i bumped into.. none other..
    then miss Lim Soo Jin! ahhh... my first ever... errr... 'love affair'
    this waas 7-8 years ago....... wooo!
    V(^_^)V she looked.. well.. better then she ever looked before...
    buuttttt still not up to MY standards! *nyeh nyeh*

    Soo Jin and me, after lots n lotsa drinks...

    soo.. yada yada yada, layan my tummy first.. food was great! only ever had 2 dishes, chicken and lamb, coz theyre both fantastic..
    more friends arrived, and now theyre split into 'parts of tina's life' which are primary school buds, highshcool buds, college (sunway) buddies and church buddies, not to mention her extended family.. AND step family :P
    for most parts of the night, i was moving around the highschool corner to the sunway corner, then occasionally to soo jin's corner(and torment her with that just made her wanna not look at me hahahah) as well as chats with family members (introducing roomate numero uno!)
    the moving around n chatting was accompanied by a glass of beer of course..
    the... bottomless one.... one where u chat, take a few big sips, look at ur friend, chat, look back and VIOLA! full again! so u continue sipping...
    it generally fills up after halfway drank so... i lost count at the 9th refill, which would be about 5 glasses, and the night was young :D
    the free flow of Jim Beam scotch whiskey later on however... was..
    a killer... im a sucker for pure whiskey on the rocks, but after 2 glassfulls...
    that and the fact i was out all day since 10... made me rather... well.. tipsy ? :D
    and WILLIE kept refilling them glasses for me!! kill him!
    by the end of the day... most of us were pretty well under the influence...
    just like how a free flow alchohol party should be :P
    tina's dad was hugging every1, i was, well... fully conscious.. yet unable to fully control my bodily movements... the rest of the boyz were either talking a dam lot about loads of bull or just keeping quiet. Ken Han refused to down too much as he knows he's the 'designated' driver...
    thus.. the MRF(most reliable friend) award goes to mr Yap Ken Han..

    then.. go home time! 2:30am, we headed to a palce to grab some supper, wa tan hor and chicken wings... where i could barely hold pieces of noodles between my chopsticks, and suddenly i feel as if i was struggling to keep conscious and..
    dunno.. i think KH sent me back to pei lin's house were i stayed the night
    (i fucking got a boner on till next morning la, my god, dam uncomfortable)
    anywayz.. the story ends here for now... :P
    great day, both the BBM, and the BDP
    enjoy the media...

    Highschool Buds!
    From left: Claire, Teo, Omar, Ken Han, Pei Lin, Bday Girl, Me, Amanda, Munraj, Caroline, Wendee, Joel and Arsalan

    Sunway Buds!
    clockwise from top left: Willie, Tracy, Pragash, Myself, Tina, Pei Lin, Jason, Neal, err.. Mariana, Carina, Feisal and Amir

    Yaaaam Seng pic, i dont think im in there CIS!, musta sneaked off to chatter wif soo jin, but anywayz.. owh well

    More pics to come!

    WilZC at 11:41 AM


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