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    Monday, January 15, 2007

    hmmm... my first 07 post!!
    in fact my first post in god knows when...
    i suddenly find myself extremely bored with nothing todo and no where to go...
    sad sad sad...
    and its gonna be 2 weeks left for me here in malaysia.. actually.... less then that..
    the very thought of flying back weighs heavily in my heart...
    yet i guess... life.. is kinda like this... u win some.. u loose some...
    ive lost quite alot recently....
    in fact.. ive lost soo much that.. it would seem that....
    im no longer who i thought i am....
    its amazing how... one individual.. can change another ... sooo.. sooo much...
    maybe i havent changed.. maybe its just a phase.... maybe im just thinking too much..
    but then again.. i alwayz think too much....
    and all thats happened is like some.. divine retribution for all the things tactless, thoughtless things ive done to many others before...
    now... iii wonder....
    haih.. but once u fall... in a hole u dug urself... u'd best get out of it asap i suppose... now... will sum1 toss down a line???

    WilZC at 9:31 PM


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