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    Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    mann... these few months have indeed been depressing..
    or just gloomy....
    my back's condition hasnt been improving..
    infact, its has worsened...
    i stopped going to the chinese urut guy, looking for a cure in western medicine,
    so i went to an orthopaedic instead. he says its nothing but an inflamation of the
    semi-solid discs between 2 pieces of my spine! fine wtvr, gave me anti-inflammatory
    stuff to eat... after a week, its still bad, so i went for my 2nd visit, he just gave me 2 weeks worth of drugs... and AFTER 2 weeks.. nothing!!
    well.. under influence of his drugs .. i felt goood!! like u know...
    i can run up n down the stairs without pain!!! etc etc... but after that 2 weeks..
    my god... things are getting annoying....
    well see its not my back that hurts.. its my left buttock!! why?
    becoz the 'inflamation' is pressing on a left butt nerve so to speak... IF his diagnosis is correct ...
    well.. time for a 2nd opinion..

    on the upside of things! weee.. i visited metropolitan college and the RMIT programme there decided to help me on my.... 'complications'
    with this... im able to extend my stay in malaysia for a month!!! weeee
    flight date: night of 27th feb..
    more bummings!! more nags from parents!!
    speaking of nags.. my god!! the nagging has gotta stop!!
    some1 get me a job for the life of me!!!

    ps: i dreamt chelsea lost 0-4 to liverfools...
    bad bad omen....

    WilZC at 3:52 AM


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